Once an amiichan, now who am I?

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28 November 2013

The New Side of Me

I'm done studying, but do little a heart want is that someday I will return to study more (pray)

So, I finished my studies. Good bye IIUM and welcome home.

On 5th May 2012, I start my new life as a new fresh graduated student working as teacher. It's not any ordinary teacher, I'm a teacher specifically in my own mother tongue 'Bahasa Melayu or Bahasa Malaysia'

Believe or not, I'm a teacher. After 18 month working, I took my finale personality test and the test showed I'm basically fix as teacher. This is beyond of my imagination and basically I've no idea that I end up into it.

Maybe this is the right answer or probably will answer the rest of my life, I think I'm gonna make it through, somehow, someway, as teacher as 1st or maybe till the end as teacher.

But little does everyone know, I might not enthusiastic at all due to my car payment up to 7 years starting this year. Well, I need a job to pay for the car. This job save me at anyhow.

Another side of the stories, I might get attached to my students for a while. I really like teaching them and language is the best way to communicate plus my other skill of sharing with them.

I really like to nag, scold, inspire, motivate, discuss, everything that I have with them.

Yes! When I teach I really into aggressive-autocratic-style-teaching with idealistic mindset but inside after they get to know me better, I'm just a friendly teacher that care for them. Care about their future. My deep and wish that they will become better leader, better educator, better person and never look down about their weakness. Study, study and keep on studying. Play, have fun and be serious when you need to. Just for the sake of their future benefit.

I don't really have teacher-student when talk about future, maybe my ignorance-childlike mind stop-not mature enough had stop the time and make me realize teacher is an important person to ask.

So, I want to be that kind of teacher. Inspire. Give hope. Push them to the limit. Especially to those the middle class student.

I know they will succeed and their potential will come in future after they finish their school.

So, I want to remember every each of my student. Their names, their faces and their open heart to me. Just to tell them, I'm also a friend, a mother, maybe father figure or just pass by person that I think all of you special and very important not only to themselves but to the whole wide world (UMMAH)

Therefore, for this 6 years coming. I promise myself to be better teacher in doing her school job, to be good daughter and good big sister to my youngest brother (2015, he'll be one of the last candidate for UPSR exam)

Pray everyone. Pray.

Take care of your iman, take care of your heart and keep on walking/running/crawling if you have too.

Never give up and love yourself before you love anyone else. Allah is above everything (I'm still struggling truthfully) Fighting!

p/s: I'm guru Bahasa (mother tongue for Malaysian) and my grammar writing is below that average but I'm proud of my so-so English writing skill (I got 88% than 91% average good in English). Yeah, I took the this test too^^