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16 April 2008

Worries of the dads


Well, today I went with my dad buying some groceries at the Pasar Peladang and Giant supermarket to buy other foods.

Then, my dad persuade me to accompany him to eat late breakfast at the nearby Marrybrown.

When the food arrived, a questioned was pass on to me...and my dad say

"Let's have some talk....
"K...(not very sure about this,kinda awkward). Wat's up?"
He said that another parent had ask him about the safe and right of daughter which is still single, the authority of responsibility is still under the care of the family....
"What do you think when you (girl) walking/when someplace alone in this situations?"
-obviously in Islam the hadith had mentioned that a lady must accompany with her mahram to go anywhere (hadith sahih)-
"Of course until now,alhamdulillah my safety was safeguarded with His Blessing. Nothing much was entirely evil had done unto my journey or me."

Well, for me if I walk alone... first thing very much my journey are not lead to any undesirable intention. Not to do evil act. According to Islam. I believe with the true and right intention does help me so my journey are always safe under His hand.
Not to brag or so... I much likely confident and always send out out the aura of distance with surrounding. I'm saying here is not to talk to stranger unless you have to. Don't stop by at any side walk stall. Don't give any strange eye contact. Act like a cool person (hehehe... ) If you take a public transportation, I suggest you to sit/stand up in front.or near the door. Stay away from any uncomfortable place. Try to walk at public walkway. Importantly, just keep on going until you reach the destination.

Another tactic
>Wear trousers + anything that easy going. If you kinda like to wear kurung/jubah, make sure you are not carry heavy stuff. (prevention)
>Wear something that have Islamic message. This not only give you feel of safety but also can do some indirect dakwah.

If you can, try to find a friend who go to the same destination BEFORE you when there. Not at the day you when.

Seriously, if I can tell. Sometimes I rather when place alone but I'm not that usually person to do so. Most likely I don't like to go anywhere. I'm much prefer to ask my friends to buy for me. Or I just when 'When I need it dearly..."
Just go to program or something. Stick to your roommates if you want to go somewhere. Went with your friends. If you can't, find it QUICKLY. Get along. Life can be crucial sometimes.

Don't worry to much to all dad out there. Yeah, you can worries about us. Just don't tell me too much.... It can give pressure. Tq