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15 September 2008

My Dear Group 3 Leadership



OUR CAMPAIGN NAME: ‘ONE SALAM, ONE LOVE’ (It just my idea, we can still change it if you want)

DEADLINE: 17 September 2008
LATE TIME: 12pm (any consideration, please ask Feb by yourself. Thank you)
SUBMIT TO: Feb (editor):
febby_fabulous@yahoo.com, no.hp 012-3601076

Motto Campaign:
How to spread Salam (greeting in Islam) among IIUM student?
How to overcome the shyness among student?
How to inculcate the greeting and encourage them to greet Salam when see each other?
The Islamic perspective about the benefits greeting in Salam

Abstract & Objectives: Fiqa (013-3005916)
- The abstract put in 1 page
- The objectives in 1 page (no need explanation)

Introduction: Min (013-7145639)
- The meaning of greet
- The meaning of Salam
- (I'm doing the motto of campaign)
- Target page: 2 ½ or 3. Insya-Allah.

Methodology (Campaign)

Opening Booth and Exhibition: Syafiq (017-3162722)
- Target: Awareness of greeting in Salam
- Focus credit: 1000 testlim per week
- More info: Put banner, poster, giving handbill about our approach a.k.a program
- Place: All dept
- This is only my personal view, add + create sendiri

Forum/Motivational Talk: ‘Alaa (017-5044795) and Miza (019-3894320)
- Who should we call? The professional motivation on encouraging student to say Salam
- Target: Find the effective way to spread Salam and put it on action & Find the true meaning of saying Salam
- If you can add about overcomes the shyness or critisicism about this matter.
- This is only my personal view, add + create sendiri

Program ‘Practical Salam’: Midah (019-9798670) and Ina (013-3534975)
- The next action after the forum (look it as the result)
- How? Each member will hold 5 people and encourage them to spread it…
- Target: Public manage to get the message
- This is only my personal view, add + create sendiri

Competition: Ilani (012-2471357 / 013-3102435)
- Games: ‘Card of Salam’
- Target games: The one who have the most Salam by ticking in the form will win with their signature and name.
- Making short video: “Let spread salam and achieve 1000 testlim per week”

- This is only my personal view, add + create sendiri

Cost to achieve: Nadia (0179161872) and Kak Yani (019-3671203)
· Date target: One month
· Focus credit: 1000 testlim per week (1000/4 weeks = 250 salam)
· The strengths and weaknesses from this campaign (put the possibility)
· How? All the societies joins together in making this campaign for real
· This is only my personal view, add + create sendiri

Conclusion: Feb

Take notice!
- Footnotes not necessarily about the references, can put the definition or any info about it
- Give your references as validity of the point that you give.
Don’t forget to put reason why you take this method.
If you can’t, for each method you can add chart / graph / any symbol of expectation.
E.g The percentage of forum ‘how much influence of this method on people?’
- Any enquiry: Please contact each other.

Let’s make its done quickly. A lot of things to do. Chaiyok everyone!!