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11 November 2008

Hurray! Good Bye Exam,YoQ here I come!


No more final exam
No more facing papers
Last minute studies

My Exam Papers
1. Polical thought (philosophy...to much of people ideology and theology)
2. Comparative politic
(guess it one of my favourite subject....i'm holping that i can get throught....)
3. My very weak subject drop on the same day
- Public administration (alhmdulillah dpt wat...sgt happy kot hehehe)
- Usul fiqh
(i'm so dead...i know that, might be...there's possibility...i repeat i back, but I much prefer to repeat it back if i have the oppurtunity. But, if I pass. I will be much better)
4. The next day, Arab lvl4...oh, gosh what did i do on that paper...

Sbnye ada citer yg agk menghibakan hati2 ini,
My mom had an operation on the day I have arab's paper
Not once...but 3 times...
Kebetulan tahu tu pun becoz I call home
It my bibik that told me bout it...
I was so shocked...
Lagi lah nk balik....

Petang tu I call my dad, about it...
I want to go back home badly
Really bad
Dh prepare mcm2 nk balik JB
Then, my dad say
'Xperlu lah balik, focus study...nnt Ummi susah ati tgk anak dia susah ati...'
I know he means well for the sake of my mom...
But, my mom...
She's sick
I know deep in her heart she'll rather seeing me than hearing me far away
Still, i obeyed when he told me to go back Melaka
'Dr balik jb, pergilah ziarah nenek. Teman nenek...'

2day dah lepas...
Boring tahap critical memuncak
1st time xtahu nk wat ape, entertainment was no longer feel to be needed
So, ape lah nak wat
Than, I went willingly to go for studying
Can you believe it
I'm studying...oh, gosh (hahaha....)

Pastu, balik Melaka on Friday
Good News!
Nenek: Pak long nak datang amik kta pergi ziarah Ummi, pergi kemas barang.

Alhamdulillah...my wish comes true
I went back home juga
I went back I tell ya....
Dptlh amik first aid box, travelling iron, medicine
Seeing my mom...
She was so much happy that seeing me balik Jb
My dad, he just assume to much...but he just means well...I know~

Then, 7 days gap goes by

Today, 11/11/08
End of this sem misery
-Final Exam...Sayonara-

Hello, tomorrow.
Looking forward for YoQ Mukhayyam
Hehe...jd JK Welfare like usual
I'm gonna enjoy my self with all my Jihad Sahabat.

Welcome to Holiday.

-See you after I've done with my program-