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27 February 2009

Fight till the End

Q: Fight till the end??? Wat'up???
Me: Prog SBPIR, finally

Q: Why that??

Me: Koz....after so long holding up for being the p.i.c,

Doing mistake



Facing problems

Doing the problem solving

I try my very best to put my optimism at optimum level


At last, after the final touch yesterday....Allah lessen my worriness

The program finally comes true

-Syukran to every person who help for supporting me & help me

Jasamu ku kenang selamanya

Q: Alhamdulillah. So, the next move is??
Me: Go for making the program to be succeed.Yeah! Allahuakbar!!

Q: When??

Me: Starting today, 27 March till 1 March 09

Q: Owh.....wait! I though you have tone things to do in ur list?

Me: Yeah, surely am....

Q: Then, why aren't you do that???

Me: Thx to 4JJ1 for giving me such good friends...

K.wani pinjamkan Broadband...so leh wat keje wif internet


Sambil program....sambil wat keje/study (^_^)v

Q: The works kinda like wat???

Me: Berlambak surat for PILDACIL program for this upcoming Maulid Nabi

Exhibition for my class assignment
Studying for 2nd midterm

Q: I pray for ur best performance & activities.

Lastly, what your resolution before & after going for the program?

Me: Hm.....

It's hard

But, I know that I can. I might cry & complain

People keep on encouraging me.

Next time I'm doing this job

My life line in UIA're stabil & not complecated

My work're easily flow

Studying & work at the same time

quite hard to get through this...but I am trying>
Make sure the geng that I work with....not very much making my life har


Habis Program ni & PILDACIL

Nak focus study

2nd Midterm the corner of my sem

Pejam-celik....next month "FINAL"

-wait for my next report.k.to be continue....-