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27 September 2009

Sweet and Sour

Lately I've been thinking and recalling back all the memories, what had happened
It's kinda amusing which at the same time I felt a little tired
...and wondering~
Seeing those pictures flash again,
I doubt that whether the memories should be kept/not
I'm happy from those sweet & sour experiences
I'm happy that Ive learned it through practical life
But I kinda lost the touched of proper studying
(classrooms/lecturers/assignments/group discussions/etc)
This leads that I can't felt any true sweetness & sour yet...
I really wish I've same feeling in this part of my life (studying)
I pray hard, so I can really struggle exactly like I've been doing
Both sides of course...
What to do?? Sigh.
Today I'll b adding for my pre-regis subjects, this for upcoming semester
Being 3rd year student make me feel like being
Seniority are not to play around anymore
Get to get myself straight quickly...
must upgrading or else??!!
I need to turn around for support or motivation. I didn't where to start. Gosh.
May 4JJ1 please with me for solving this complecated situation.

P/S: Just to say 'Sayonara' to a good friend of mine
who had change field and fly to continue fighting at the other country.
I pray for your wisdom and peace to go & return back as someone much better
....obviously more than me, hehe.
To be continued.