Once an amiichan, now who am I?

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03 June 2010

About A.U.K.U

As one of the political science student [Currently to be in final year]

Like we noticed of our latest hot issue on A.U.K.U [Yeah, right!]

Down-right of student activities from not involving their political participation. Not even let half-participation for being much better citizen with the rightful duty due to the knowledge that given... Even, the right to know about our reality Malaysia-nowadays-politic [whatever~] is like turn-around playing place for student to get easily punished only just for not turning to them instead seek from the other side [dominant power in seats vs. another increasing power]

What happened to the so-called-student? Yes, like the news updated for us.

"Dikenakan tindakan di bawah A.U.K.U'

My opinion

Doesn't it weird? You let the student to continue in studies of political science but you didn't give their righful place to let the knowledge grow in field? I admit we can't directly involve in politics. But, how much we [student] seriously understand with our own politic but you cut the reality-part...like...you-know-what.

Next time if you don't like what happen for certain people who like basically have other way to seek knowledge... Please, don't offer the course. Just offer you political views.

Doesn't it weird? One of the reality part that we could not get it anymore. People nowadays don't play good sportmanship anymore. You seem so lack of challenges. Please, don't play fair anymore. Ops, it already happened to our dear the four students of UKM.

Doesn't it weird? I think those who behind them [citizen] is only those who who just felt grateful cause they [the dominant] helped during the hardship. But, poor them for being knowledgable but unable to return back for the community with truth. The only regretful reason is due to grateful thing to return debt [??] is to be with them.

Poor us [student political science] for being intellectual but because of some circumstances ended up for being dumb. Short word [intellectual-dumb]

Poor us [student political science] for being who should be the next domination because for having the best knowledge but we were cut through from opportunities in changing as they [our senior] think we're still young and inexperienced.

Poor us [student political science] who being ignorant and does not fight for anything. Some of us might/rather be blinded with the power who give us power before us. 

Yeah, it true now you [future-leader-to-be] manage to hold the power but because the seniority have the aristocrat's influence you still stuck as the shadow/pawn.

While...Yes, it true to those who up to the challenges as being among the other team but you don't plan great which later you stuck in the middle of way just because of your lack of courage [low slow-esteem]

We [future leaders] always left with these two option no matter in what side 
 [uneasy feeling]

"Whether you with us or them. 
If you choose us is will be like this..if not...you'll be like that"


"It likes...The fight of two big elephants and the one in middle between them died"

I always believe there should be differences in giving opinions to lead the world and the only union is because we think the best for people/country/religion. The more we see the other side, the more we could do better. The union of same reason is the only reason we have the differences and not because we differ to each other ended for having more fights. It seem complicated but that what I could think right now.

Sorry for my unthinkable words. I meant not hurt feeling and believe me that why I was created as human being and not as robot/animal. Hope everything means well ends well and the real justice [Islam] will prevail. Insya-Allah.

Thank you. End~