Once an amiichan, now who am I?

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01 April 2012

I'll be back for new upcoming post

"Well - well, pussy in the well....who should I tell...to all my visitor hear a bell"

Salam'alaik to my Muslim friends & anyeong to everyone ^^~

Rocking under the sun
Oh, how long I'm been hiatus? Not to worry, past let it gone be by gone.

A new brand - upcoming post will sooner come...

It would be a lie if I don't tell you 'Its hard to start back writing since ages...so, I'm determine more - to share more with all of you'
Mama Cat & baby kittie

But, wait...

I have to rewind back from my deep files (memories) which one to give?

Wondering by looking at the sky - blue

Hmm, first...to be continue

(wording - putting together - edit - then, I post)

One of my cynical drawing in class once upon a time :D
*waiting mode*

Please leave some comment, I want to improve my posting...okay

Ppyong. Sekian.