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08 June 2008

Between admiration and forbidden love

I'm not talking about some stories, or movie...
Just something happened -not to me obviously- but my surrounding

I noticed a friend of mine got extra attention for another part of the world
Get extra love...or might be care of concern??
Only a part yg rasa, another one...xtau pun
And I'm stuck between both world...cause I'm the one who know

-Haha...kene kacau- sms

Talk about crazy admiration
"Will dare to change everything just to stick near to the one you loved?"
-dis person really did-
Or maybe Wrong...or maybe coincidence

Talk about forbidden love
I means before you get married
I say it forbidden...cause No offense 'just personal view of word hehe...'
Will you mind that I say
I just small bit don't mind to those who used of coupling

But, doesn't means I agreed mostly <we can talk this all day long>

And I really mind if you not use to it, but you did it due of what nowadays trend of life...

But still coupling is wrong you guys...out there

Whatever the case is...
For those of my friend who had BF/GF
When you faced prob, solve it...nice fully
Can't ah?
If that person ignored you, making you frustrated
Have some feeling of optimistic...or just leave him behind
Care of love to yourself

Just say this loudly "What a bothersome"
-advice ni specially given kt my fren dlm kelas arab-

That all. TQ