Once an amiichan, now who am I?

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08 June 2008

TQ for being my Mother

Lots of love and gratitude for mother,

Especially to my mother...

Lately, I noticed that I'm not being one
Feeling down and sorrow with my sibling problems, self problem, a little bit carried away
I breakdown
For the first time I determined to -Give Up-
For the first I said "Dok umah buat org sakit ati jek, nk cpt2 blik UIA"

You look at me, cry and devastated
The teary eyes, the breaking voice, the filling hope
Crush with my stupidity words and very disappointed

That day I still remembered when
You look at me and say
"Will this fight continue even after I gone??" <you never guess that morning I'm very stubborn>

I'm sorry, very sorry


For everything that I do, for everything that I did for these past years
For not being what should it be
For not being a good person
For not being my self
For not being who I am
For leaving you a deep scar
For marking a bad memory
For saying that -I give up-
Toward anything that I say...
I didn't means any of its
Slip my mouth? Laser words? Irrational?
I'm very sorry, from deep of my heart...

Therefore, for this year Mother Day
I want to say
"Sorry Ummi, akak xsangka jd mcm ni...Insya4JJ1 akak usaha lagi"
We make it through together
Please looking forward for me to be filial child in the future,
specially to you Ummi
Thank you for not giving up to me
Always there to help me
Usually smile and hug from you to me

Thank you very much
-me,myself and tears of diamond-