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07 June 2008

May 16, Teacher's Day

To the one I loved dearly...

Talk about Teacher's Day

I'm missing my school days back then...
The laughing...
the homeworks...the fight...EVENTS...my Work (KOOP)...
Being goody-goody, childish (until now hehehe...sometimes), known to be "
TAHFIZ day life, being scolded, went for Co-Cu, etc Even though truthfully, I'm quite sure to tell this...
I just didn't remember it properly...it seem I lost some part of its (mostly)...

Sound terrible does it?
I didn't intend too you know. Gomene-sait
Then I realize something...something that always there to sure

My Badge (G7) will always stands to remind me
Thank you!
Seeing you guy eagerly to represent to past and the future of us at school (S.M.I.H)
Knowing you guys will click the ON switch at school
I think that I'm very grateful to be part of you
Kam sa mida for handing out the Great Frame of our Memory at school.

To you teacher, hear some of my SOUND of Heart to you

A knock had entered in my heart
Looking for that special person
It seems that the knock had wake up a man
A man that will always known to be

She reach for my hand and say "Let's go to school and learn something"
I might don't know yet of being the future but I let her holds my hand
Then, we go through for 11 years of studying, knowing, gaining the knowledge
Went through a lot of experiences
To be a man or not to be man
Looking another part of the world
Seeing for better outcome
To those who did these very much
I want to say

Teachers at my school (S.M.I.H)
Thank you very much
Creating me as a good student
Leaving a mark that no one else dare
Touch this heart to love and to be loved
Surrounding the knowledge that helps me a lot
Your scolded, your smile, your nature of keeping me safe
Made my whole day of school gracefully
For all these reason...reasons that even word can say
Thank you for brought out me
To be me today

Then, I leave the place
And reach a door
You wait me behind and send me away
You never doubt this student HEART and always said
"Reach for the star, it awaits me in the Future"
You waves the hand and say good-bye
Come back again and we always there

-me,myself and my words hehe...-