Once an amiichan, now who am I?

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03 July 2008


*Biyaneayou...lambat smbg. Pi holiday and jatuh sakit.... lately huhuhu

How long the time goes by,
The day that only we know…between us the girls

You’ll understand hehehe…

Well, this interesting game gets us back to our childish and fun moments…
I’m telling you we really have good time in this game.
Ikhwah, I think you might wonder what the questions were hahaha

But first I want to tell you something
Truthfully…from the day Kak Ena asked me whether I’m going to the reunion. A question pops out from my head…

Plus with a strange feeling comes out from this deep heart core…
Feeling of uncertain, unsure, become a Stranger in the world that I know for very long time
I might don’t know who you really are anymore (maybe) because...
I know that people do change, I change
Still partial of me is still the same…

I’m sorry to tell you this…I feel empty and nothing, guiltiness especiallyknowing that you all were my good friends
But, I’m aware the goodness inside all of you will always there to support me and help me forever. We had so fun and sad things together. For everything we had been through.
Don’t worry. The memory that we created together will always with me. The relationship we have will never change for sure.
It just complicated since I go out, things just turn out to be so wide, full of wonder and it makes me think back and sit back. Realize that it will not be same anymore. School is over. Need to face a head and write a new book.

I’m so dead after this huhuhu…

So, I made the decision
Self: “Yeah, sure I’ll come. See you guys at the reunion. I’m so looking forward

Reply sms back to Kak Ena

I gonna find out the truth and disclose this doubt feeling. I want to know back you all every inch of yourself and 360 degree turn around…the goodness, the weakness, anything and everything…for these two days.


Like always…Whether you have to tell the Truth or Dare to take the challenge

For me who very lucky, I pick to answer 3 questions of Truth

I’m not gonna do Dare thing…hahaha

-for some reason, in our Truth or Dare game…you have 3 chances. Choose between Truth/Dare or you can mix it up like (2 Truth, 1 Dare) or (1 truth, 2 Dare) or if you very don’t mind person, feeling of embarrassing. You can make it all dare-

For my situation
-3rd earliest picked up hehehe…I don’t worry very much of my 3 Truth Q&A-

1st Q: Which one of us, the g7 girls makes you felt awkward? –Nawal-
MyA: Byah hehehe
-sorry for making you guilty or angry. Very sorry for all of this commotion-

Lucky me, I don’t have “anak-anak questions hehehe
Due to others after me have it…wahahaha

Sorry again Byah! Next time we meet, don’t forget to ask me why (^_^)v

2nd Q: Hari ni dh berapa kali pi buang air be….? –Amoi-
MyA: What?????!!!!!
Hahahahadah 2 kali, setiap kali makan jek, buang.
3rd Q: Which part of your face, looking at the mirror that you like most? –xingat sape….-
MyA: Hahahaa….. So embarrassing
My eyes… *blushy

Me: What do you think…hahaha….very funny….lagi2 yg Dare nye…..wahahaha

Q: That it??
Me: You’ll never guess all the answer for all the Truth questions given

Wakatte riyou
I'm just gonna pick the best only…in my kind of way