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11 September 2008

After 2 month "Missing"

Assalamu'alaikum everyone

Hehe, how long I'm not posting anyting???
Let c...
Almost 2 month~

Well, there's a long story bout this...it's not that I tend not to write
But, just because my schedule just to fit. Bz maa...
Sgt bz...
Terlalu bz...
N pi cc pun wat keje...byk program join... (nnt kta citerlah)
Dh dpt register wireless...tp
Laptop prob...ni pun aru baik pas 3x format hehehe....
Kak tim ari tu pesan, ni dh ada.kene rerjn lah. (Adus, penat nye nk carry lappy)

Anyway,just drop by to say 'Hi'
Ni, tgh rajin bwk laptop ler ni.
Byk assignment nk wat...clashing wif all Quizes...continue prog (less bz...but still...)
Alang2 tetiba boring, leh ler post something kt blog

To everyone whose been waiting and questioning
"Bile lah min ni nk update blog"

Here this

"I'm back. You''ll hear more and I, myself should rerjn post al least somthing...
Sorry for making you all wonder hehehe...."