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28 September 2008

Finally, I'm Home!


Finally...I'm at home, sweet home
Yeah, talk about missing them very much
Its took me a while for adjusting [being missing for 2 whole month]
Not that i'm missing, it just that it been a while that now I can 'Balik Umah'
since that I'm bz doing thing that I love most at U
Yeah, life as student...i'm very much appreciate it for being one of them

Daisuki (^_^)v

Telling you the truth...
Wow, my house change 360 degree...
I know from the very beginning since I walk out studying
My Home?? It keeps changing every time...
All the old cupboard're no longer at Ruang Tamu
New cabinets, tables, curtains...everything 'Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh....................'


Even, my room??? Noooooooooo.............
My favorite carpet...my mom change it, where did she out away my stuff
It becomes crowd y here...the room is no longer cool than before
So stuffy...too yellowish...too much
But, still the room....the house...
Hehe, I have to admit it. My mom decorated it nicely [this is one of my mom's do best]
Thank Ummi for everything
Surely, things just never gonna be the same again hehehe

Obviously, return home means I can go for shopping
Since I'm too bz at U, I pay blik and went shopping wif my family
New shoes, new clothes, new pencil box and its crew, new beg...
Hahaha...it like heaven
Alhamdulillah [angsana+jusco Tebrau in 2 days]
Best Giler hehehe...
Thanks Ummi+Abi for buying me all these (^_^)v
Arigato Ogazaimas

-k,gotta go. Sign out-