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19 September 2008

When someone bites your finger

Can you imagine when someone bite your finger but you don't response at all??

They say 'Muslim' comes from the religion which firm in the peace
We don't react to any violance
Not even tend to act any aggresive moves
Or even shout nor yell nor kick them back

Today my lecturer told us
About this analogy
And some how this reality does happen on us
The truth about our Muslim Communities
Do you know what??
I tell you what...
We heard our Muslim friends out there
Killed and hunted down
Kicked out from their home
Take away their land
So others bad things
And do you know what we do??
Join the Boikot Club? Neh...
Join the 'Solat Hajat'? Neh...
Know the History? Neh...too boring
Feeling of empathy? Neh...but they have my sympathy
Doa'? -sometimes-
At least remember?
-Too bz, a lot of other thing in my mind right now-

Then, we fight them back (At least the Muslim on the country defend themselves)
While, the other Muslim around the world collects
All the support,
Any support: money, doa' and concern
But, those 'Bad guys' called us what??
Bomber suicider
And they said, "Islam taught you to be peace and harmony"
You can't kick or shout or react to any form of physical movement toward the Bitting
Please be calm!

Sure, tell that in the Hereafter.
I see you during the court of Judgement then...
Hope you get what I mean.
See ya!

So, what do you think...
It makes me wonder also, what did I do about it today?
I've wonder...