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17 January 2009

Kesempatan utk mengucapkan Jzk4JJ1

Sambil-sambil mem'blog'...banyak event that I wish to show my appreciation, gratefulness those who have been helpful, patient and encouraged me till the end...
Karnival Kebudayaan Belia & Komuniti
[Me being Asst SU for Bazaar & Exhibition]
To: Geng Bazaar & Exhibition (B&E)
1. Thank you for giving me the chance to work with you all
2. Thank you for allowed me to do my job
3. Thank you for lending your eyes and ears, hearing my nags and complains
- I know that I'm easily irritated and to much nagging but this is for your own good....Still, I don't know whether it's too much or...you all didn't feel anything <ahahahaha....>
4. Thank you for being who you're and work with me
5. Sorry for everything for my accidently mistake...or anything yg terlepas pandang
6. Sorry for making you all very much tension or literally got crazy for anything that I've done
7. Sorry for not being there to help or lend any help or forget to help....
- Sbnye ada citer bout this....tp you guys dh ada yg membantu, ana wat keje background jelah. Lgpun, xyah nak explain this part, koz If i didn't do it, I did something else later.
8. Most importantly. Sorry for nagging you all or making you all angry in anyhow of the way...or turn around the roundbout <hehehehe...>
9. Smile always (^_^)v
10. "Tiada ungkapan yang lebih indah dari ucapan terima kasih...tiada ungkapan yang lebih tulus dari mohon kemaafan"
To: My Boss and my fren [FC]
- I still remember that day. Our little day that I called ot as 'Hari Anak-Anak Sulung' <ahahaha...> Well, going out buying stuff for our deary Keceriaan KKBK. We were like this amazing race people that try to fight with time, ended korg berdua xpi kelas gak... Nasib baik my class till afternoon jek. Boss had to bring both of us, yeah since he the only person that available and can drive...Me? Herm~ Then, we went to shop by shop...our FC ni very much particular person and at the same time can be very much 'kelam-kabut'....'Janganlah tanye ana, mana list semalam wat?' (Me). No heart feeling, k. Since, boss does not fit any role during the session except drive us (macam drebar lah pulak) he had to follow us everywhere. Well, naturally 'Boss' is 'Boss'...he help us going through it by giving opinion and etc.
- Then, we getting along as a person....like perbualan adik-beradik...yeah, since we like connected becoz some of the similarities. Duh, obviously 'We all anak Sulung' <ahahaha....> Talking about the whole part of B&E, money....money....money, all the problems.... Yeah, like seem sharing moments. Pi cne, pi cni....
- Try to think 'Kerete Proton Iswara' fit in with 3 people, 30 boxes yg siap lipat saiz medium, 16 batang PVC (12m), all the car stuff....You know what? Untill now, I can't believe we can live inside that car. It crowded I tell ya... untill myself get hurt. Argh! Kene batang PVC (kene muka...) The car was utilized 100%. We were like sardin in the tin cane -_-'''
- Then, we went leave the stuff kt sorg Pic yg handle doing the mechanical part (PVC). Dah lah datang silap bilik. Pastu, gi pick up things and leave the boxes lak....Hah, time ni me and FC were like crazy people....kemas kete tu. Pergh! Penat tu. Siap buangkan sampah lagi tu hehehe...
(Another citer bout the car and I'm not telling you. Sory)
- Then, the next day. Finishing all the Keceriaan things since it holiday. Go, go, chaiyok~
- Anyway, Boss and FC...just wanna say 'Kamsamnida'. Nothing can be expressed more than this. Thank you.
To: Dear partner 'SU' B&E
Thank you kak kerana sudi melayan kerenahku...me who're very much childish and very much strict at the same time. Kesian akak, kene wat keje ke hulur ke hilir. Xsempat nk bg sangat tunjuk ajar wat keje2 SU yg lelain pd akak. Tp nampaknye, survive jek. Lgpun SU MB will be there to help you. Hope to see you finally to fit in the buzineess of life with studying. Akak kene belajar dari sekarang tau.
Thanks everyone and every part with it. W4JJ1hu'alam~
To be continue later....~