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16 January 2009

Plus (+) New age for 2009

Assalamu'alaikum wb.t


Sebenarnya....byk benda nk citer. Since cuti start. All the stories that I wanna share with you guys. Hopefully, I could write it back even the citer udah lah lapuk hehehe...
So, let's start with~

It like yesterday we had celebrated the New Year...which mean another new brighter upcoming future. I can feel the fear, the excitement since we've went for the Task Force on the night of 31st Dis. Me, my friends and the KARISMA geng were like fighting people...jihad alongside by side...giving pamplet...tegur sapa org...it like crazy that night. Still, it was meanigful, scary yet so sad at the end. It seem we -failed-

It not we have been totally failed, it just that since the newspaper show up the news about the sex party...I was like...argh!! No!!

But, then when we look back the experieces that we've been through, it was great. Even though we just do it the same thing, perhaps in different kind of approach...still there's something special for the event.

Thank you to Kak Ima and Kak Ita on that night fighting side to side and the others, even our deed is small....but it has 'Something' in the eye of God. Insya4JJ1. We just don't know which one He might bless us for.But, we have to try, fight for it, pray, alhamdulillah and tawakkal.

Here some of the pic's

My geng Task Force 31st Dis 08

Wajah-wajah baru ikhwah 08

Keindahan KLCC sambil memenuhi Mission Impossible

Target kami: Adik-adik remaja kini...-_-'''

Inilah hakikat remaja kita menyambut New Year

I've wonder if they living without those can give help like us? What would happen to them? Will they able to turn to the new leaf? Are we done a good job to lead them back? And are they willigly to hear us? Ask ourselves, will we able to be there whenever they needed most or not?

Allamdulillah, since I was born 4JJ1 had saved me from this but those who was given this challenges will they able have the chance to be save also?

-If nobody want it, I'll do it-

Then, the firework was pop up in the sky. People felt joy and become maniac wothout knowing that others out there was suffering...

The reality for this 2009: People killing people

What reason: Greedy and hatred


What should we do

-Think about it-