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18 March 2009

The Lost friend

Yesterday I saw someone that I think 'Lost'

I couldn't bear to face myself to this dear friend

If I try, I'll have this voices come out inside my head...

It driving me crazy...what should I do?? Because if I did something,

I might not strong enough to defend myself personally

I still remember my father told me before I join this road of da'wah in campus

He told me about the hope of this person's father

"Hoping that not only succeed in the study, the father also want his child to be one of the fighter in Islam..."


I'm not saying that I want to leave this person utterly but...I'm not suitable to be that person in charge. I just being not-so-very-rapat to this person...

Why? Different gender~

So, I leave that hopes and all the working to this person Murobbi...it seem that the hope line goes well during the early studies...

But sooner later, I found out this person No longer at the same road

I'm not saying 'Studying is not important' .  I don't think this person friends is bad/criminal...coz I still remember the word 'Jgn pandang serong kalo kwn org mcm ni...'

So, I put my trust to this person responsibility and judgement.

Only that one day, I look...this person did change maturely...or might I say drastically?? I don't really know.

I found out his personally that I think it good, no longer there...or I just imaginated this person become somebody that 'Lost'...or perhaps it just speculation that made up through my friends and accidently some of these friend at the same time inside the same population...with this person...eqully like classmate or expanded-friends....saying this and this...and stuck between any of the problem that was created and end up...resulting to be different kind of way.

Sound complecated...Well, it is~

Back to the 'Lost'

At the end of the stories....I questioned myself. What should I do?? 

Should I say

"How're u? You return well from ur sickness. But' it seem that somehow, some way from my observation... You look lost?"


"I know you have good friends...and I don't think you are wrong in picking friends. But, I find that as a good friend. Will you come back and try to stay with me and other who fought on this same road that I take...doing the things that also important. Because I know you'll do well with the intelligence that you have.  Might help us to do this job well done...so, how's that? I'm also your friend too you know..."


as good friend I just directly told this person what my head say & think in very hikmah way...

or just leave this person's way of life and may someday 4JJ1 gives hidayah & have the guts to fight along with us...

Still, my self-conflict will tell me not to feel bad as unable to grand somebody wishes... As, 4Jj1 the only Mighty God who grant whatever His creation du'a

Not to feel bad again just by looking, hoping and also praying that someday this person will look up and say to God "What did I do for all these years, studying, have friends, spread the thing that love...and never left something that more precious in da'wah? Will I able to do so when I have other time during my working day and etc...?"

May 4JJ1 bless you always.

I know that you can. Because I'm not saying I'm good in this rather not very smart like you. Talking about islamic values, persuade you to do the thing you don't even have the chance to do.. but I really hope you go along together only to get His Mardhatillah. Ameen~