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31 March 2009

My New Resolution

I have new resolution

An inspiration just come in...inside this maginificent 'aql that 4JJ1 gives
You know what...
Telling you the truth give a meaningful 'talk' especially for a program
It just not my thing
I can say but not a very good speaker <it's true...seriously>

This show me, how small & unprepared
Myself being a dai'e
I'm very much 'terkena pada batang hidung sendiri'
When I say "We are an educated Da'ie"[comes out from one of my slide]
Not only as a student who learned because of their courses
But the responsibility that Allah gives...
>I'm not fully use the 'ilm that I have on in this road to get His mardhatillah

I still remember the feeling of anxiety...until my feet shakes a lot
<only my close friends know, how bad when my anxiety comes.It worst>
When, I'm figure out that amar ma'aruf wa nahi mungkar is the toughest thing that human being could ever done
It soo make my iman 'snap'...an arrow just point through in this qalb.
Still remember that what I say to them (adik-adik Sg.Pusu)

"4JJ1 know that we can become a good khalifah in this world that why He gives the responsibility being one. So why're you saying that you can't? If not, He might create you as another creation like stone...think about it. Try to be appreciate person"
One of my jokes to them about the issues in school.
I told them about every intention should be because of Him.
But, luckily to some of people who ignore, they simply niat like this;
"In the name of 4JJ1, I smokes lillahi ta'ala"
One of the nasyid song that I give to them
Parts that I like...
>Its my intention alright?
>If I do it for 4JJ1
>When I look deep down inside...do I have the right niat??
[Native Deen: Intention]
After the program ends.
I found myself keep think about it.
I look around...remember what I've done lately...
especially myself being the fighther of Islam
A Muslimah
Anak Solehah
As a Good friend
Student of 'ilm & life experiences
A Secretary
My enthusiasim in School Project
An agent of Da'wah
"I must do something about this, I must change or anything..."
For this toughest semester, Final Examination
I will do my very best to answer...struggling in studies
Always know that I'll do it only for HIS BLESS...not because of Human Recognition
I'll will use all this discipline of knowledge (political science a.k.a HS)
For my beloved society/jama'ah [KARISMA...especially K-DG]
<I don't care anymore, if they unwilling...don't find it neccesary. I'll do it anyway hahaha...>
Team of School
Blogging <inspired from late program...whom? Not telling>
Posting Work at home <balik cuti nanti>
hmmm...ape2 lah...
I'm Gonna Fight, Fight until the End
Yosh! Chaiyok!! Gambatene~
~tgh semangat nk jawab exam, b4 that studies giler2.ngehehe...~
-Let's fight for the milky work of da'wah-