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12 April 2009

Hmm...just to share

Alhamdulillah, done 4 papers...ONE more to go. When? Next Tuesday (14/4)
Time killing me...but I don't care. I'm enjoying exam <ngehehe....>
But, to bad to my most FRIENDS
Those who still having a lot of paper
Just started to exam
Having killer paper that make your life hard
sorry ya...to those who,
Straight paper until the last date of examination date [end on 18/4]
Me? I'll be enjoying my day-to-day quite early from all of you
<even though,I ends early...I'll be seeing TWO meetings & Camping...hahaha back to me>
Tetiba terfikir ari tu tentang a conspiracy that poops up from a somebody saying about
He say "Why the Earth Hour should be on 28/3? And why it has specific time? Why it's one hour only? Why didn't do on other date? Why? It's disturbing people work...."
Telling the truth
I'm a person who very much like to celebrate a GOOD event like this
I really do want to participate like this cause
Doing all this volunteering job, saving for Good Reason....
Doing this does not mean you need a specific event to say so
You can do it in everyday life
Like this EARTH HOUR
Why're you just saving electric or power only?
Didn't it better we SAVE the WATER...it's more realistic
People much depending on WATER than POWER you know
If not, why our ancestors back then could live anyway...think about it!
I'm not saying ada event like this EARTH HOUR is bad or something not to be celebrate
And why it's should be only ONE hour at SPECIFIC time?

Does it sound 'suspicious'....Oooowhhhhhhhhh...hmm
Lagi2 yg organize ni Non-Muslim kot...mana tahu ada 'SESAPA' yg involve behind this idea
Who knows~
Behind our back all Zulm were doing their bad deed to our muslim brotherhood
Now figthing for Islam, to protect the true religion, the country & our Muslim right
They too need every sources they could have to survive like electric power
To live longer than any other people who has everything
And just this happen...what would happen to them?
Maybe it didn't happen (bad things) or maybe SOMETHING did happen.
If it happens, who should be responsible???
Or just same like any other day to them...
Or maybe something or someone was planned 'Long Plan' to us...
For our future and I smell bad & fishy one~
Anyway...not only this issue should be a remind to us
It's true. We Muslims were taught to be kind & have good vision (husnuzon) to other. Without distiguish who we meet & know, between Muslim or non-muslim.
But, we also taught to be careful in our everyday decision.
If it good and you believe it good. It is much better you just go for it.
Fight for GOOD cause...that good~
Stay away if you doubt it,
Try to be concious and wise in everything you do.
Live to the fullest.
Do something only to get His Love, not to get people love
Do something to get His view, not for people view
Do something from His concern & people concern
Cause I know you gonna be just fine.

-Let's fight for the milky work of da'wah-