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14 April 2009

Done final paper...I went to..

Well2...finally, with His Blessing...
I've done my last paper for this BRILLIANT & TOUGHEST (-_-''' semester

"Only Him we comes back & to Him only we give back our aprreciatation (syukur)"

Herm...done wif my paper.I went a lot of place
Seeing back, the reality after exam which the world is full of colour
Watching people going back-forward along the hall
-->I'm eating breakfast at 11am with my friend. But....my favored bread taste, it taste.... differently. I don't like. No more~ Huhuhu....[Anyway,thx Nad]

Astagfiru4JJ1. "....Oh God, forgive me when I whine" (part from a lyric)
It should be,
"Thank you God for giving me a mouth & oppurtunity to eat.
The food you give means a lot to me"

-->Then I go to the bank, bank-in-money
-->Went to Finance Department to get EAF doc [11/30am]
*Back then, the process was so easy. Now, they want a rechecking statement which showing I'm not like lying or so...not to confuse the never-ending-work...like that happen before..yeah, right.
Then, they told me to go to STAD instead [upstair I go...]
So, I went to Student Affair Dept (STAD), get the needed doc [downstair again...]
*Thank God, that sister in charge explain the real reason but...My bad mouth~
Comes back to the finance & passed the 'important' doc..
Then, they ask me to wait until 2pm to pick up the doc that I wanted since the early time I went there at the first place...
*What!! There wasn't a lot of people. It's only 12.00pm. Why'r u doing this to me?

Bzzet...bzzz...my hp buzz in. Call.
-->Lunch Time. With whom? My dear friend Nik Afra' (^_^)
-->Meanwhile, waiting to see Nik. I went to our 'precious' port (my last spot of work)
Last time, this stall known as 'Ikhwan Corner'. We sell a lot of things here. Everything here sold with Islamic values behind it [*The product can be small but it give a lot of indirect da'wah]
-->Met Kak Lina, Kak Ita & Famy [like usual thing that I do, talking & enjoying socializing]
Hehe, 4JJ1 distracted me with a lunch...against the hate of what happen before
Ends, dating of lunch. I went for solat zuhr. Watch: 2.11pm
At the finance dept: Maaf ya dik.
Me? Oh, terima kasih kak. [Alhamdlh, 4JJ1 save my mouth from bad words]

Moral of this story is:
1) I really like the disciplinary & the objective of customer service
2) Which means, sometimes I like bureaucracy becoz it organized...
3) But...when it delayed your jobs & people work...
4) Well, basically if it's immidiate,ok... But when thing changes. I kinda like...what!!
4) The part that I dislike most.
5) Still, our voice are not so loud if we didn't say anything & if we say, we don't have the right authority to say anything. Even though, everyone had the right to voice out...
6) So, who should be responsible?
7) Don't start with negative deeds nor words to other people, if they did somehow hurt you.
8) If you forgive & forget. U'll get better reward from 4JJ1

"Why must you put yourself in hatred. 4JJ1 much more forgive His creation.
It's better we do the same too?"

9) Distract yourself with people around you other than you see negative cause we never know that being the issue is just misunderstanding.
10) See thing not because there are, but see through thing behind it. Hikmah
11) Never to late to say 'sorry' to 4JJ1 & other human being.
12) I know, you'll be just fine. Because right now, I'm seeing another perspective [Good One]

-Let's fight for the milky work of da'wah-