Once an amiichan, now who am I?

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30 April 2009

My Da’wah Diary [1]

Hmm… What a tough statement. I don’t really get it anyway the way of my da’wah works.
Perhaps you can tell me~

You see here,
I’m a learner with new things to find out which for myself don’t understand at the beginning…

It’s hard, blurry...feel far away
Don’t worry, be happy.
I have great mentors back-up me

Dear fellow tanzim who like to tease me
My sweet-witty juniors who look-up to me
My Comrade who always fight along…forever
And beloved Murabbis’ who still willing to help this small da’ie

What’re da’wah means to me?
I guess someplace that I fit myself to be who I am today. I’m not a workaholic but to work for 4JJ1 means a lot to me. The right path that I feel safe to be around & every hardship to stand for Islam in the road that most of people wouldn’t dare push me to be a great Muslim.
Spread the only true words that stated in the Qur’an & Sunnah.
I Believe that every jobs done not because to see the impact but prove we did something to get back the only things in this world.
Strive & determine the Islamic system.
Use this ‘aql, creatively in order to touch the heart of people
Critical thinking
Never ever give up… [Hmm…~]
Holds on to the harmonious values not only for me…but for the people could have the same chances.All of this for Him & only Him, that for sure.

Sadly to me,
My knowledge & “…..” not very fit in with the things that I love most which I’m doing my milky work of da’wah.
I fell down, I break-down, I “almost” failed…placing all my wishy-washy dreams but hard to come true.
What I’m gonna do about myself???
I can’t let all of these unnecessary & break-down become a fitnah
To my Comrades
To all Muslim who fights to bring back Islam,
My Dear Tanzim…

Therefore, I set my mind...[TEKAD]
I must do something
I have to change
I know I can change I can do it, no one can

Even though, I gonna start at the hard-way…but if I try & work on it, I know that I can.


I gonna have all the fun, pain…sunny & rainy day
Behind every tiredness jobs that I do only to get His Mardhatillah [Insya4JJ1]
I believe the true happiness is doing the things I love most
Responsibility to myself, my beloved family, my milky work of da’wah…my roles being a Muslim…
Get along & fighting side by side with fellows comrade.