Once an amiichan, now who am I?

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23 April 2009

Wat's up 'TAG'???

Wah! This is my first time I've been tagged by someone whom 'merajuk' with me...I dunno whether the fault should be mine? Or my Boss? Haha...anyway. Be optimistic. I'm trying my very best to catch that runaway 'Heart'

Well2~ So, how should i answer this??
-->I'm translating all the BM words to BI languange [well, most of my entries is in English Version

Did u feel urself 'HOT'?? [wat're this question about???]
Hmm~ Yeah, I'm feeling HOT when I'm in mad/angry/crazy/obviously...tension mode.

But...I'm a person who're easily COOL DOWN...after three days [hahaha....]

Upload ur favourite pict

Why do like this picture?

Obviously, my TWO best Comrade'D fighthing along outside at the PILDACIL'09 together. Fill with our best FIKRAH (Islam) & it values. We try our best to spread the word through the event organization, along the way to make the event successfully, attitude with other members, the values inside the PILDACIL & our support of celebrating Maulid Nabi celebration with this Noble means. We did a great jobs you guys [Special thaks to Kakak Rehan & Adik Marwan]

When the last time you eat pizza?
Hmm~ Bought at small cotttage shop near the ice-cream stall at IIUM only. Where? Find it urself. Hahaha....

The last song you hear?
Mars Pemuda Islam. Lyrics & Song by Izzatul islam.

What're u doing beside doing this tag?
YM with my dear Cik Tim, K.Rehan...and K.Dija Azman [trying to pursuade my sis.rehan not to give up on upcoming program ERAT'09. Tgh merajuk xdifollow up huhuhu...]

Beside ur name, what other name people calling u?

Along: I call my self to my sibling & only my chibi one who calling me this.

Akak: My other sibling. Miskinh & Oochan.

Kak Aminah: Natural name to any younger brother & sister that calls me, anywhere or everywhere

or K.Min: Only for sister.

Min: my 'popular' name that i influence people to call me since matriculation until now hahaha...

eminz: My classmate during upper school [especially Banat] 04-05

amiichan: My email name. Only my mentor K.Dija & Syuhaib like to call me this since IMPAC'08. Thanks to Shaz too~

or amii: K.Dija call me for the first time she knows me hehehe....

Siti: I don't like people calling me this name....except Tok Wan. Only he. Ok!!!

Minah: Another name that I don't like people calling me. But my schoolmate still calling me this. At UIA, only Afra' was given permission to call me this.

Ustazah/cikgu: Ikhwah likes to call me since I'm involved school Tarbiyah.... [Argh!!!]

Puan SU: Becoz of my dictatorship in doing my secretary work, people who get involved in the area likes to call me this [-_-*

Last but not least [hahaha....]
YB: My geng
[Yelah tu...Tim-Nadz-Kayah-Nad Kecik-Iqa]

So, you see...all these are my unique & only unique names that I get so far. hahaha....
NO MORE TAG. Frustrating writing bout it but i'm enjoying it...when I'm free, like today.

Who should tag also??
...inform later~ To be continued