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02 May 2009

Sweet Limbo & tearful style

Yah! The times has come... where the Limbo checkpoint stated the most sweet & teary activity.
So, what the protege should do in this checkpoint?
Hehe, ape lagi wat mcm gaya limbo biasa... It's just you have to do it in the water. The rope that we used was put up really over the height of the water. In order to cross over, you have to cross your hand & ears. Swim in that position under the water between the line to another side. Hehe, here at ERAT new style of limbo. We use two ropes.
Don't worry the river can be very hard to fight, its very tiring~

-Thank you to our dear witty mentors aMiNah, Asma' zubir, Haziq, PaAn & Husni [Cameraman]-
Ok. Don't forget our next check point...let's see some horrified pictures. Kt cni pun activitynye bukan calang-calang tu. Make sure that candle's light always on. Go to the end of the river road. Hehe, be very careful about the distruption along the way. If it's out, you'll pay. Hahaha....

-Allow me to say thank you for adik2 protege to all the mentors at this checkpoint.
Mentors:Farhah, Nad, Hijrah, Mun, Usamah.
And also to our best runner of this jungle trekking.
Mentors: Sani, Qamar & Afra'-