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03 May 2009

Evening meal feeds with treasure-hunt

Again, again & again...more games to go.
Okay protege...play more (^_^)v

(1) Crawl like centipedes
Crawl over and don't separate your teammates...
(2) Live or dead balloon
Common on guys... Elak the perosak belon. Haha...
(3) Spider Web
"Teammates helps me..."
(4) Railway Notes
Captain...where's our notes?? Find it quickly
Posing jap eh...smile~
(5) Tepung oh tepungBlew it all...get's the prize. Yey!
(6) Wizzes Quizzes
Ngee~ Mind taker? Face ur self with our sirah questions.
(7) Pops the balloons
Pass up the balloons guys, just don't make it fall.
(8) Menu Sihat
Drink that belacan+bawang everyone...
Egg+Sambal+peria+bawang...eat every last one. Ngee~ The result???
Urghh...taste like ****
(9) Tali Jumanji

Wei, where's the people??? Opss...no pictures specifically.Xde gmbo brothers.
(10) Puzzles Box Kami dari powergroup...melaporkan diri, sir! Ni betul abg Donut??? -->Put your hands inside the box and find the missing puzzles. Feel anything??? Hehe~
(11) Ropes & GrabAll together now...be careful, all for one & one for all. Pull here & don't let it go!!

-to be continued-