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07 July 2009

Holiday In [chap 3]

My Last holiday wif all my sibling
[Missing those beautiful times with Miskinh, Oochan & Chibi]

Here, Oochan is showing us the way to our visited place.

Where? Melaka River Cruise. We take the cruise at the night time.
>> Go to Taman Rempah at Melaka City. You will see the Melaka River Cruise just beside the Taman. If you can't see it, find the big sign board.

Along side with our parent, two little cousins [Farhah & Irsyad] & Angah [Aunt] sight seeing the night view of Melaka river. The cruise only takes us about 45 minutes, which allowed us to enjoy the view [Melaka old-building, the historical house, different type of house that govt still kept it beautifully, the old-hotel, the old-cinema, the shining-musical fountain, the park & etc]

I didn't take many pictures during that night as I think, everyone should go there by yourselves & experience the different kind feeling of seeing the Melaka historical river at night time. The feeling was so nostalgic is like you saw a history moving in front of your own eyes. It likes we at that past time, crossing the river...use the boat to understand the benefit of the river. Without it, the Melaka will never succeed in the increasing of economical & development of the city. The Melaka became the international trade changing the rempah, the silk, and etc to the Pedagang that pass by the Melaka from a country to another.

Wow! \(^_^)/

Like I like to say: Don't hate the history, history is part of your life. Without it, you'll be history.