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01 July 2009

Holiday In [chap 2]

Chapter Two : "Girls Days Out"
Before the JPJ test...I went with my friends to our small-trip

With whom?? Introducing >> K.Ena >> Ro'ai >> Nis >> Byah >> Izah >> Fizah >> Nawal & Me \(^_^)/
[It was so sad out only 8 of us can make for this trip. Lelain?? Praktical & Etc]
So who're the kind chaperones joining this trip?? Izah's family & Byah's family [Kamsamnida]
Date?? 13th June 2009 - 14th June 2009
Where?? At Kukup Resort, Pontian
>>I heard that our guy's batch went outing just playing bowling only...to bad~
Anyway, thanks a lot to Byah & K.Ena for arranging this meaningful trip.
The whole part of the trip we manage to swim at the resort pool [Huiyo!]
>>Except me & Nawal with the less swimming skill having our own fun playing around at the pool. While, K.Ena which not joining us listening to the music at our room.
Moreover, we just hangout, playing games, eating durian [What??!!! No x_x'''...] & having good night sleep together.
>>Truthfully, I'm not fully-hearted to go to the trip since the beginning of our journey...cause for some reason...at the specific time went we should already on the way....but we go, so very late. I had to wait for them almost an hour 30 minutes. I give up for waiting, without no lunch yet...it's so frustrating. Sorry to say this but I'm easily irritated if the program started completely not good in arringing. I was taught hardly during at UIA to appreciate times especially if there's a program. So to goback home, I've call my dad to pick me up as he & the rest of the family was nearby. I almost cause my dad to go to work very late too you know...But looking at my friends who tried their very best to comfort me...I went for the trip. Thanks you guy. Thank you for trying. It means a lot.
>> Specially to Nawal. And Byah, its ok. Cause I'm ok at the end. Still~
The trip was wonderful.
Aminah's Word:
[Like any friends should be, we will always be friends even thou we went separate way. We do remember each other even thou we had busy day. As friends till the end, we love & care forever. Allow me for saying thank you from the very bottom of my heart and from the deepest meaning of my soul please forgive me for all my mistake. Sarang Hae you. Aja, aja fighting. Be happy, stay healthy & don't worry too much. Ngee~]
-->There's some incident happen to me a day before my JPJ test. What???
I have...
Anxiety short-disorder [my-new-creation-name.hahaha...but seriously, it it serious]
What is anxiety???
>>Thank you [Too lazy to explain...read it by your own]
>>Anyway...I had a bad day on that last Wednesday [17/6/09] It is a free-lesson-service that given to those who will take the test on the next day which is the [18/6/09]
>>I already felt a butterfly-in-my-stomach on that morning as the day supposedly turn to be good when I found out the road practices with one of my teacher [Pak Haji: A kind, friendly & most of all talkative like me] At the moment I start, he will mumbling all the technique he taught to me and at the end of the practices...he was very much/kinda...a-little-bit-dissapointed with me...kinda of...not-confident if I take the test. But, a good teacher will always says this 'Gudluck and do the test betul2x' [I don't believe in luck-kind-of-say...I rather like all-the-best-say.] Ok! The stumble continuely goes on when I only pass the parking practices, 1 over 4. Uncontrolable movement [Personally speaking....what I'm gonna do tomorrow. Oh, no!]
>>That night, the butterfly-feeling becomes worst. I had my bad-stomach-ache, throw-up all the time...if it not, feeling almost to throw-up. Crying suddently & the cry-moment become non-stop. K. I told you, I don't know how to calm myself that night...the moment was so horrid to me. My mom had to comfort me. So, I turn myself back to the Only One. I pray that He will let me go through. Ameen.
>>18/6/09, 8.30am: Waiting for the name to be called. Afraid why my name wasn't call yet. Maybe ummi forget to pay for the previous lesson or something wrong woth my regis-card or...there must be something wrong. Oh, No! Why my name wasn't call??
>>The anxiety comes back. I need to do something. I need to talk to somebody. I need to distract myself. But, how?? Can't think properly. I gonna throw-up again. Argh! Thank goodness a sister beside me trying to ask something. Alhamdulillah. The small conversation help to slow-down my uncontrol-moment.
>>Then, I decided to call my sis. Actually, I didn't know that my no.suppose to be at 10.30am list name. Until, my sis says 'Akak...tgk nama akak kt masa yg mana. Kta lupa nk pesan tgk semalam' Oh, shoot! Whatever the time is, the no-stop feeling keep grumbling on my stomach. So, I take my little time with the Only One. I guess stomach-ache just don't leave me alone too.
>>10.30am: My name was call and I got no.99. Ok! I need to do the parking first. Like usual happen, due to yesterday practices. Alhamdulillah. I really did-almost-not-quite-perfect actual-parking but still I pass.
>>2.30pm: The moment of truth. Road Test [No need this story] Truthfully the JPJ marking-sir was quite a helpful person & his conversation about politic [my major] really makes me comfortable to take the test. I pass 17 over 20 marks. Even though throughout the test was taken, we had small opposite opinion about some issues in politics...but, I pass the exam. I got the P. Alhamdulillah. Thanks to You the Only One. You makes my pray comes true.

Aminah's tip of distracing your short anxiety-worriness:

1) Always remember Him. Important to get grief of your self in the true way. If you had a shacky day, during the sujud or any place of toma'ninah do it as you takes time, long~ one...until you can feel your heart at ease. Release your inner-self to Him.
2) Try talking to yourself positively. If you can't talk to somebody.
3) Sometimes, physically being you need to diatract yourself. If you can, talk to someone. Release the feeling outside but not to share with them [this is for negative ones]
4) Do Zikrullah [soully music]. Hear any sound you like to hear [option music]
5) Don't be afraid to make mistake. Mistake is a good lesson for the future.
6) If you think you not-want-to-make-or-accidently-mistake-of someone else. Go blame them. Do mumbling on your own. This purpose can sometimes cheer up you. Hahaha....
7) Tawakkal. The last effort if the test. Let's Him decide the best for you. He knows you better than your ownself.