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15 August 2009

Loveletter of small talk

Lately I read a lot [a lot of them...] of loveletter from those I respect of...
MySpaceStarted from my cool-small sis [2nd]
............Then, everyone started replying this great sense of loveletter
.....................Even, Mr. Aero also writen the same thing but...in different view
[He try very hard for being the peacemaker among us]
The reply just keep on going [Miss Rainbow (new name for D&W) & C-M Sis (4th)]
MySpaceWait! There's more!
No! Now "Mr.Eng" started to type the whole back of stories too??
Haih~ Will this ever gonna end??MySpace
..............Its continuely writting until it stop at the last loveletter
MySpace It from our dear Big Bro
[All voices that always support from behind allowed me to say thank you]
You might guess, what the what I saying here? Right?MySpace
Well, ok. I admit. There's a small-kinda-little-fight-no physical-but to severe a.k.a depth pain.
Among us 'Family' here....living & working 'somewhere' in Malaysia
Why is this happening to me...No. I means 'Us' Why??? MySpace
Ok. Cukup. Stop this instant! Right now! I just can't take it anymore....
>> I believe Big Bro done so much thing for everyone, he sometimes forgot and made mistakes. [People is naturally make mistakes. That why they're called human being]
Seeing him riding his motorcycle from G-to-HL previously, shows me he is with us even though he had limited time for being there. I thank you for every effort that you came & sleep.
>> I believe the my cool-small sis shows the greatest care & concern that even she wounded several times, her heart always been a Big Red one.
>> I believe very much to Mr.Aero & Mr.Eng really try their very hard to help their sisters even though at the last point. They still get scolded. [Grin]
>> I believe sis C-M want us to have better life & solution, every part of her questioned will always wildering for good answer. I know, she means well and well for us.
>> I believe the part the the warmthness that Miss Rainbow try to talk about is to bring us to see the optimism behind every inche of stories.
[Someone had told me the grass is much greener on the other side of fence (Took from one of nickledeon's cartoon theme song)]
>> For other member of the family,
I know that you know & understand what I really meant.
I have nothing to say but only this,
I'm greatful to 4JJ1
I'm thankful to 4JJ1
I'm happy
I'm sad
I've work harder to equal done between working & studying
I've seen a lot of thing
I've been through [might be not yet a lot]
I want so much thing
I like everything
I dislikes sometimes
that 4JJ1 allowed me to come here...seeing...learning....always working the same purpose
[everywhere that I go] You guys can't never be replaced for anything in this world.
Sometimes I've wonder what I might be if 4JJ1 doesn't show me 'you guys' ?
I might done something else behind. Cry~MySpace
-Nothing much. Just a small scratch writen personally from me-
P/S: To my 'Family' please don't jump to conclusion
Please don't easily get angry/hate/despise. Where're we anyway? Do think.