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15 October 2009



*p/s: she likes to be taking picture \(^_^)/

Temporary name: Mee-ngu
Info: She's a beautiful kitty a year old++,
playful, cutie-pie, wake up early in the morning,
likes to herself clean,  know her bladder place
& she's there to keep you accompany.
"A true friend to be with..."

Current place: Somewhere at Gombak
Current status: Looking for loving,
caring especially pet lover to be 'her new owner'
Really need new owner quickly.
Please someone...
help us to find any new owner who willing to have this cute little kitty
Those who willing, please contact me: emiinz.88@gmail.com

Kamsamnida'...thank you very much...Jzk4JJ1...Arigato!!