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22 October 2009

Already gone

Finally, we get a new owner for 'mee-ngu'
She left us with her new owner 'Sis Atoi' (My roomate's friend)
On 19 October 2009
Time: 2.36pm...
Because that I know & feel sad for sending her away, so I just stayed in the television room
Without knowing that I might regret for not seeing her for the last time
I just couldn't have the strenght 
....to see that golden eyes....that big bright/shiny eyes (Cry)
So, she just goes with her new owner.
After I return. Only left her old box in the room.
My roomate says that 'mee-ngu' also feel very sad/shock/weird
by looking at her tidying up the cage (her bladder place), her playing place...everything
We were worried that the new owner could not afford to give love/care for her
A suddent look for a moment from a far, the new owner kiss her and hug her gently.
How lovely! Alhamdulillah 'mee-ngu' found the one for her.
I thank to 'K.Atoi & her cousin' willlingly want to take care her.
May 4JJ1 grand you reward fullest for your kindness.

A dedication for 'mee-ngu'

I fly away, and never comes back
I fly away, and never turns back
I fly away, and wishes you happy day
I fly away witout say 'goodbye'
I wish to say but it's hard
I'm sorry can you forgive me

*From previous comment:
Why don't you take care her by yourself?
Ans: I can't...got busted by my own fellow (break the rules, keeping animal in the room)
Already promise to her, to find the owner. So...you'll understand. Right??
Anyway, me & my roomates really take care of her as long we could before.