Once an amiichan, now who am I?

Sharing moment

02 December 2009

A moment to wait

Easily notice for being school senior
Today, I visit my brother at his school. Literally comes just to give my support for his SPM paper tomorrow (physic) I guess school had changed a lot lately and I noticed his girl's batch were no longer to remember who am I. Well, before their batch..I still was remembered for being the school senior (recognized due to my typical personality during my old school days & all my sibling was schooling there also with me). Haha...soon to be fit that people was no longer know each other (gap of age) and I'm only able to smile when I see them. Poor me~

My future study
I'm worried about my university study. I'm not that intelligent, or brainiac or smart and have a good grade nor excellence result but I could be very hard-study person if I want too. Since school, study is like muchy thing of my life and I could say I'm not that study person though. Still, I can't live without no studying at all. You can say I'm a streotype person which I must have a degree in order to go on for my future life. And you can say I don't see a lot of option what to personalize my future life. Haha...my bad.

You know, I like to draw very much since I was four years old. I'm a bold person when I talk but I could very sensitive to other who talk back or reply my words. I can't stay put or sitting (reading) person. I like to learn english but my english was very much ordinary or a little bit than just being ordinary. If you see my result since school and heard teachers opinion about my english during the school days. You might think I will take english for my purpose study in university.

But, no...
End up, I take Human Science Degree for furthering my future study. Last result at my third year life in this beautiful IIUM as Political Science Student with minoring of Islamic Revealed Knowledge. I like to learn more about this. Regardless what people say 'there is no job oppurtunity in this field' and expectation 'yeah, future-politician' haha....like right~ I like it even though my result didn't show thar much...but for the thing that it's involve in my dakwah life. I think it very much contribute indirecly. I understand more due to the knowledge that I understand. Hehe... I hope i get the enough grades (in my last year) to continue for my master pulak... Ameen.

Teasing about my a part of  my life
Haha...what a topic. My dad very much concern about a part of my life. What about?? Something about a couple of my senior like to tease about. Always ask about my age, when I gonna graduate...Well, my dad looking forward very much for this reason only the reason he stated that his 'friends' (in his age) already had grandchildren. What the heck! Here this. It not that I don't want to but I don't have the proper answer. No actual answer. I did think and wonder about it but....hmm~ I'm not in the fit place to be answered right now. Ask later...or please don't ask at all. That might be a happy thing for me. Thank you.

For my cute juniors in KDG
I can't wait to see my cute junior to grow. Recently, I did saw them to grow healthy and physically fit to stand on their own. I still remember they say that they're not fit to replace us (senior). But, I have a feeling they can. Grab this oppurtunity while we are still here. We are here to guide you all. You being worry to much. I wish to know what you had for future plan in this KDG. Brave talk, I have gut saying 'new tenor gonna do better than us if you all have faith in yourself and your comrades'
I'm gonna miss it very much. I'm gonna leave it (someday, huhu...) and I don't know what I'm gonna do without it in the future. Even, I don't have a though what it gonna be without doing it any longer.