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05 November 2009


Come to our sense that there are differences between lust desire or true desire Which one would you prefer??
Desire to be fulfill which you can feel happy at the end of the road?
Desire that harm you till the end?
Well, recently it happen to a friend of mine.
She's having depression
The most sadness in the entire world
She 'almost lost' her own bestfriends not until...
She did something stupid that she think that is the right way to do
...to get her back.
What the heck!
Do you know what she did until she just couldn't resist the pain of her heart???
She drank coke with 5 panadols at the same time
Then, the night she try to console her 'almost ex-bestfriend' (make-up back)
She acted like a crazy person
A maniac...unrational-being...aggresive...full of anger....
She like trashing up stuffs, punching around the wall (her room)
The sound disturbs the neighbour...
People become frighten because of such doing,
You only making the thing worse!
Even, her 'almost ex-bestfriend' become scared
Whether she could get harm or herself get hurt...terribly
Both of them have issues...something are small & easy to solve
But when it comes with jealousy, prejudice...plus unable to compromise with each other
Set out the solution only with human capabilities
Most likely...
The transition to solve the matter did not get anywhere.

My opinion:
1) We as Muslim should understand that all the sadness & happiness in this world gifted from Allah
2) We must use the 'aql which He gifted
rationally, logically, wisely with the intention only of Him
3) If you put Him in 1st, seek His help, ask for His forgiveness, depend only nothing but Him. He will sure to be there to help you back, solve the problem. You become strong because of Him. He guide you to the right path. He lights your heart with His blessing. You will never surrender yourself filting with twisted temptation or devil's whisper.
4) You will not put end to yourself or do something stupid just to end the miserable feeling.
5) You wouldn't even dare to have the intention other than Him.
6) Muslim comes from the word As-la-ma which the arabic word contains
the meaning of peace which in nature we should be in peace and full with harmony.
7) Feeling of grudge or hatred only cause you nothing but troubled heart, mind and soul. Most likely you have the tendencies to live under negative and pressured life. Your mind become rigid and heart is like hard as a rock.
Why do you have to choose this kind of way of life? Peace is basic of human need. Appreciate it before He take it back.