Once an amiichan, now who am I?

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22 April 2010

Good news

Dearly from my own new words
How long have I been missing?
Yeah, without any typing or speak of my mind posting here.
It just I have been busy with my life 
[studying, went to programmes]
It might or considered that I could have time to post something...
but the 'L' word is the only reason that make me stop

Well, I try to bring the new side of me (point of view)
Especially the contents that I try to post
There are so much thing to say
So much thing to speak about...
[My wish is to...] At the end of my posting before I went for my next semester
[So,] Obviously for these 2 month holidays, 
I will post as many as I can
including what I wanna tell you for the whole missing period.
Check it out.