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23 April 2010

Final & New Friends

During the final exam period, I'm making new friends...

Some of us who have complicated situation with roommates, kinda / will face some problems. We might get over it [solve] or fire with it [fight] or turn away [this happen becoz you 'L' to face it] It a basic thing, if you couldn't face it directly. At least you acknowledge the problem and take your time to resolve such event.

Well...it did turn up better when this happen to me but just for a moment. With that continue screaming and loud talking in the room between both of them [not include of you, but you're the sidewalk victim] I choose to get out of the my room and have a fresh-fun study at the reading room.

Getting ready. Close the door. When down stair [my room at 4th floor]. The night was cold n gloomy koz it was after rain. The sound of male cat fighting at the corner of t-junction. Walk towards the cafe and pass the two big television rooms. Then, I saw four ping pong tables and I stop in front a door. So, there it was 'The reading room' It include the air-conditioner and provided small place to pray.

There I was which probably it awkward for a person like me to go there except to read the anime magazine [hahaha....] suddently turn it for studying place [for exam matter...grin**] Like I always like to say, it never to late to change for sometimes.

Noted: These have happened for the one whole week. Since there's gap before my second paper...hehe2x

One first day, night time:
Looking around...choose a chair. I pick the third table which consist five chairs. Hmm...well, there's one sister who look like having same intention like me. Text books, stationary, sweet all over the table, a black backpack on chair beside her...Yeah! There is a sweet-looking sister. My mind stop for a moment. 
Can I study here without making friend? After all, there's nothing wrong if I did it anyway. 
Study and make friend at the same time 
[like during the final exam period...what I'm thinking about...hahaha....]

15 minutes passed. Owh, great. My focus energy loss for a moment. What to do? 
[Look at the person who sitting in front of you] What should I start? It so difficult. Even though, I kinda "friendly" [that what other people keep on saying about me. Hello, I'm also human being. I'm also nervous to make new friend]

A (me): Ah, wanna some sweets?
B (the girl): No, thank you.
[Just great]
A: Exam tomorrow?
B: Nope. It will be on next Monday. But, today I already pass one paper.
A: Oh, so...what r'ur next paper?
B: EAP [English for Academic Purpose]
A: Woo...it like a long gap than me. I'll be having the papers on 2nd, 3rd n 4th paper in this weekend.
B: Having two papers in one day?
A: Sorta like that. It crazy, i'm tell ya... So, I've decided to study here. My roomate just too 'noisy'
B: Mine like...feeling pressure. I feel that study should be at a relax place. So, I decided to study here.
A: Haha...I know what you means [Smile]

There is goes...the conversation was keep on on going after that. Until,both of us starting to choose reading the magazine in the room than reading the exam [text book] haha...Well, it like a week  before the next paper anyway for us. So, relax [grin**]

Next day
I came at the same time. And there she was. The same girl [By the way last night, I forgot to ask her name] She says hi to me. So, tell me. What your name? Baiti. [Arabic word?] Home?? Yeah, my name does means like that it's. It was a cute name for such sweet person. You should seen how compatiable our relationship for couple of days.

How much?
1) She likes reading old magazine there. So, I read the anime one...
2) She likes to go to the Kiosk [our mahallah's shop] then I'll go there after her...
[Noted: this is for the purpose to save our usual spot from taken over by others]
3) If she pray, she'll ask me to tag along. Since, there only one telekung. We decided to take turn.
4) We like to take other option for break time by going to CC [Cyber Cafe] It was next to the reading room, for like an hour or so...
5) Her usual time to end the study on 12am while me on 1am.
6) We tend to keep on asking to each other whether to come or study tomorrow / not.
7) Our differences more likely attached both of us especially she is an accountant student while me a science politic student. We have so much thing to say about to each other. Or similar things that we study, we connect it between them. Smile~
-to be continue-