Once an amiichan, now who am I?

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26 May 2010

Finally the day passed

I think that I'm losing my senses ever since
I've returned from sending my ototo-chan last weekend.
I kept in-out from his room but, now looking an empty room without the owner.
My sickness become worsen. 
Anyway, I already feeling unwell since last week. 
Finally, the pain just struck and now I'm stuck with sniffing, coughing and sneezing.
The worst part is my laziness to go back to work [kuikuikuikui....]
Yeah! I did worked for the pass one week.
Yes, I'm proud to say "I'm a nursery teacher"
I did it to help my mom's workplace. Since, many teacher resigned and take their holidays.
Now, I'm a proud substitute-nursery teacher.


[Picture was taken on last Friday (21/05/10)

I miss my ototo-chan very much. Seriously~
Who gonna play air-kicking with me? 
Who gonna hear my nagging? 
The most important is....
My important color's begin to leave me and add me new and gloomy ones.
Argh!!! No!!!

Still...I'm proud with my ototo-chan able to continue his studies
Taufiq wa najah! All the best! Gambate! Chaiyok!
[Duh, I'm loking forward for his back since he messaged me 
yesterday that he will coming home for some reason]
Woo! Ahahahhaha....what the heck! Whatsoever-lah, Ototo-chan.


[Handsome-kan...Our lovely, dear, stubborn brother he3x. Sunday (23/05/10)]
  My another adventure life...
It was begun the days Uncle SK asked to help the R2J4 (Road to Yogjakarta 4) participants
and fellow-people in Johor Bahru (those who know about these plans)
Ok-desu! So, there I was.
Helping the small-innocent-inexperience junior...
For this big event
Kembara Ke Johor (KKJ)
or the official programme under the UTM's event named as 

Dates: 29 April - 13 May 2010
Places: UTM, Semarak.Surau An-Nur, KL.Petaling Street.Jalan Masjid India.
Masjid Besi & Putrajaya Convention Center, Putrajaya.
Fakulti Kejuruteraan Awam, UTM Johor.
U-Mall, Tmn Universiti.Sekolah Menengah Islam Hidayah (SMIH).
Sek Men Keb Syed Isa, Batu Pahat.
Together with IKMI and last dinner-end.
[For Girls only: Puan Sa'adiah Home, Batu Pahat.
Puan Hjh Zainab, Batu Pahat (My Mom's Village).Tampoi Indah (Buy clothing).
Raudhatus Sakinah, Permatang Kempas. Giant, Tampoi.
Tmn Sri Putra (My Home).Plaza Angsana, BBU & Homestay Families]

Those precious memories could not be exchange by anything even money unable to replace it.
My sisters [Female students from Indonesia] you will live in my heart here.
I'm sorry for everything that I'm unable to give for the best during your stay here.
If we could not able to see again here in this world.
May 4JJ1 grant our wishes to meet in heaven. Ameen.

A notes dedicated for you,
'Never ending ukhuwwah even death put us apart.
We still able to mind ourselves together through our dear-same road.
That what kept the memories alive,
since I know at the end of the road.
Shimmering bond made in the heaven.
Mabruk! Chukkayo! Obigato!
Sarang Hae and ai shi teru-yo'


[Picture was taken on the last night we seeing together Wednesday (12/05/10)

Alhamdulillah. Syukran for everything you gave. And this gratitude is given only to you.