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06 May 2010

My new friend and me

One of the best conversation when I met with Baiti [My new friend]

I still remember one of my best-boring study time at the same place. Baiti just finished read the newspaper which basically like yesterday news. Since I'm bored and sitting alone...

[Baiti sit at the middle table, while me at the same spot. That night, nobody were hangout & study there yet except both of us]

I cut my own will (momentarily for studying) so, I decided to do something like always do in my free times. What? Talking. Yeah!

Baiti says that she really bothers about suicide bombers at the part in the news there happened to be underground railways way bombed. Many civilians were hurts badly and killed. These people are innocent. Such grudge shouldn't not put them in between. It is injustice if that what the extremist were trying to fulfill their undesirable intention. If it so, rather than show up with bombers and suicide thing in the first place. Think first about your families and friends, if it's they the one who get hurts...What the heck were you thinking, can't you think rationally in much better way. God's put you in highest place among the other creatures with 'aql' given is to think...to ponder...not to kill!!!
I agreed. Even though, there're some of philosopher believe man're nothing like animal who wish to survive among the fittest. But, man are born naturally to be kindness since born. They cry when they were given birth. Did you have seen any baby being rebellious not to be born into this world? Or being aggressive to those who help during the birth session?? Have ya???? So...not~

Yes, it true also. In Islam, jihad do look as aggressive ways to resolve something. Duh, have you ever seen war without the physical contact happen? If though, there're silent war a.k.a cold war. There are people who still gives it shot to be one...Rebellion in the countries that involved which other outsider just don't know the real situation behind their sleeves.

Jihad is obiligation...but look at the place first. The reasons must be look upon because of these criteria:

1) Safeguard of religion
2) Safeguard of mind
3) Safeguard of life
4) Safeguard of lineage
5) Safeguard of property

I believe...if they had other option to live. I don't believe people were born would ever choose to die just to live. Obviously, in every religion killing oneself (suicide) is against the religion taught. It against God's will. We have no power upon ourselves. Even, if you did. He still the one to let you die. No you. There're no such thing as death is the only option to carry on life. But, as Muslim died for Islam is an honor. I think you guys out there know the facts but you choose to turn away and being ignorance. Yeah, talk about intellectual dumb~

My last quote that I give to Baiti
"Even the suicide bomber had a choice to live in better way, he will choose it. I think he too try he's best to run from the disaster after putting the bomb. But he died due to the effect of the blast"

~Me and my own opinion. Whether is seem serious/controversy. That is your choice to put inside your mind and set it out. If you choose to take it as something important means you know what I means. Jzk~