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19 June 2010

Yeah, fully-June Schedule. Let's Go!

Don't be ridiculous...hear this important events live!!

Roadshow Schedule for meeting with the Malaysia ex-prisoners of Israel on Mavi Marmara's Ship 


1. Larkin Sentral, Johor Bahru: Kompleks Belia & Sukan 
Who? Noorazaman Mohd Samsudin & Dr Mohd Arbai'e Syawal

2. Kompleks Pendidikan An-Nahdoh, Pulau Pinang.
Who? Ustaz Al-Hami Husain & Dr Syed Muhd Haleem
Info: Collaboration H.A.L.U.A.N Palestine Bureau with Yayasan An-Nahdhoh. At 9.00pm.

20/06/10 (Night)

Surau Baiturrahman Putra Heights, Subang Jaya.
Who? Noorazman Mohd Samsudin.
Info: Please contact Ust Fakhruddin in +012 6259344 for more information

21/06/10 (8.30pm)

Multimedia University Mosque [MMU] Melaka.
Who? Noorazman Mohd Samsudin.
Info: The topic will be on " Gaza Flotilla, Behind The Enemy Line"

23/06/10 (1.00pm)
Wisma Bank Islam, Damansara.
Who? Noorazman Mohd Samsudin.

24/06/10 (2.00pm) 

Blok D7, JAKIM. Putrajaya
Who? Noorazman Mohd Samsudin, Dr Syed Mohd Haleen & Dr Selamat
Info: Sharing moment together with JAKIM

1. Surau Al-Madaniah, USJ
Who? Noorazman Mohd Samsudin.
Info: Will be do it after Maghrib prayer at 7.45pm.

2. Universiti Teknikal Malaysia [UTEM] Mosque, Melaka
Who? Noorazman Mohd Samsudin. 
Info: Will be do it during the Khutbah Juma'at.

3. Masjid Jamek Pasir Gudang
Who? Dr Arbai'e Syawal.
Info: Collabration mosque's organization and H.A.L.U.A.N at 8.00pm

4. Malaysia's Parliment
Who? Dr Syed Mohd Haleem & Life Line for Gaza's Team [LL4G]
Info: It will do it on 9.00am. Do come~


1. Masjid Taman Kota Putri Kulaijaya, Kulai.
Who? Dr Mohd Arba'ie Syawal & Ust Hasanuddin
Info: Collabaration Penghuku Kg Sri Paya with H.A.L.U.A.N and MPKu.

2. Masjid Al-Mukhlisin, Alam Damai. Cheras 
Who? Noorazman Mohd Samsudin
Info: Will be do it on 7.30pm after the Maghrib prayer.

27/06/10 (7.45pm)

Surau Al Amin Bandar Tun Hussein On, Cheras
Who? Noorazman Mohd Samsudin.

Take note: Who're these people? Read on the news. What the heck you have internet for? Find & Read. Shame on you who didn't come for once. Ok, I know you busy & tired [Smirk] At least, show some respect and support for their humanitarian work. -End-