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12 October 2010

My part in group assignment: Business Jihad

            Amanah (Trust) implies the responsibility to do what is good and avoid what is evil. From this concept, man as individual has four responsibilities. It was namely, to Almghty God; for his profession; his Society; and himself as individual. Since amanah came from the Almighty God, fulfillment it is considered as worship (ibadah). By worshipping Him in such manner of service, man fulfilling the purpose for his creation and existence, as stated in the Qur’an:
“I have only created the jinn and man that they may serve Me” (51:56)
            Since the concept of jihad was good way to converse true meaning of business.  It has show a way of man to keep their responsibility not only for his self actualization but also a duty call to the Almighty. Therefore, Islam view the work of business in general, as an activity is much encouraged. If you truly believe working as a duty before Allah you should put the intention for the sake of Allah. Later on not only the business makes a true money but at the same times you get blessed from Him. 
Business and trade, Allah categorically permitted to undertake it in surah Al-Baqarah verse 275 says,
“Those who devour interest will not stand except as stands one whom the Evil One by his touch has driven to madness. That is because they say: ‘Trade is like usury’, but Allah had permitted trade and forbidden usury. Those who, after receiving direction from their Lord, desist, shall be pardoned for the past; their case is for Allah (to judge); but those who repeat (the offence) are Companions of fire: they abide therein (forever)
            This show that trade should be seeking substance and it is naturally included as one the good deeds. Among those things referred to the Al-Qur’an concerning business include its permissibility, significance, encouragement and those practice should be avoided. Many of ethics of business should be accordance with the Islamic principle. Not only that the indulgence of business should taken as reminder and the rightful conduct of trading must be in careful which man does not separate himself by delaying of his main ‘amal to the Almighty. Al-Ghazali strongly warns against over-pursuit in sustenance through business. He opined that one should indulge in business only to fulfill his requirement. In this part of discussion the framework reminds us to associate business the encouragement with caution.
            After we done with ethical issues on business, it better we see the length of business wide spread its wing as the global media dakwah not only in nation for the whole ummah. Business in Islam is one of dakwah islamiyah. The goods that we sell and trade to people is exactly like those who preaching in Islam. It ensures to Muslim in making this business they will get benefit forever regardless for being loss. The profitable confirm for those called themselves as dakwah businessman.
“O you who believe! Shall I lead you to bargain that will save you from grievous Penalty? That you believe in Allah and His Messenger, and that you strive (your atmost) in the cause of Allah, with your property and your persons; that will be best for you, if you but knew! He will forgive you your sins, and admit you to Gardens beneath which rivers flows, and to beautiful mansions in Garden of Eternity; that is indeed the supreme Achievement. Ans another (favour will He bestow,) which you love – help from Allah and speedy victory. So give the Glad Tidings to the Believers” (61: 10-13)
             Business jihad must be fully aligned with all the fundamentals of Islam. Otherwise, it would be a mockery of such a noble enterprise and will only result in conflict and contradiction. The world had been dominated by the capitalist sytem which opposite with the Islamic teaching. The concept introduced thorugh the business jihad which done through the Johor Corporation had been proven that Muslim strongly stand to revive back the Islamic economic and gives back the benefit to the ummah. Muslim also can be a competetive and able to do business in global mainstream. 
           The business jihad becomes the middle path with one can is just and balance. The correction way to be balance is not to be extreme and blind to gain wealth but also protecting oneself faith. Any attempt to make a success of a wealth-seeking shift in world view to prosper Muslims cannot succeed without harnessing an Islam-rooted source of motivational power that is fully aligned with the fundamentals of their faith and consistent with Islam's clearly defined cultural dynamics.

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