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20 September 2010

Return after 2 month missing

Salam'alaik everyone.
Well especially me...hahaha~

I seem so long that I didn't write here which I'm too lazy to write which I'm more to 'I donno what to write about...it seems that my mind just don't cross lately and my study somehow losing control' So, I retreat myself for a moment. But, now I'm back. To write again.

First of all I want to say "Happy Eidulfitri and I want to ask for forgiveness trully from my deepest and sincere heart to eveyone who had visited this small blog and keep on coming"

"I really wish there something I could do or say more to you all.
But for this first return after 2 month missing... I'll cut it short and simple.
Hope to hear a lot of stories about this sweet Hari Raya and I wish this month given me and you values and determination for success. Cause i'm telling you this motivation does come in handy. I mean it most of it to myself as obvious reminder. Haha...

Well, gotta go now. My mind stuck with an assignment. I had brought upon myself a headache just to understand about  this topic given 'A success story of jihad economy of Johor Corporation' and my regretful action for dissent my mini homework for class PSCI 3020.

Seriously people 'Do not settle your work at last minute without proper plan cause I'm telling you it can be a bad habit...bad one!'

Hope everything goes well and never give up.

~Let's open heart and wider the screen, your faithfully S Aminah M (Writer)~