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10 December 2010

Goodbye holidays, goodbye home

I'm going back 
Back to place of study
My room still mess like usual
Dust, falling hairs...everything in on the floor
Thank goodness the toilet seem ok
Sleep is sound so less for last night
I don't feel sleepy 
I don't feel for going back, thus, need must be fulfilled
I'll be missing home
No longer shouting, free use, delicious food, safe zone, outing and lazy-bed
Holidays were so nice and I've a good lazy-bone in house, day is like night, night is like day and comfortable as big sis+daugther
Reality is so near yet far [face/deny/ignore]
It might be a heptic morning before I left home
Like usual, not I loss apetite is just I don't feel like eating breakfast. [Butterflies in my stomach]
Last checkup things before going back
I need to sweep the floor, take a bath, change clothes & bring my bottle along...oh, my room~
I love you and I'l be missing you very much
Goodbye, until the next long holidays (>_<)v