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16 February 2011

My thought about Pilihan Raya Kampus IIUM/UIAM

Campus life includes voting session? Yes, I trully agree for this act.

Why must we vote? Is not the representative do exactly what we want. Is not they promise happen in future later. Is not everything they will do benefit to a person specifically. This is the dilemma leave from a memory. A conversation with a friend in the middle of night which standing in front of Safiyyah PG Block. 

I still remember my lecture in matric who taught me the introduction of political science. Who? Haha, I don't remember his name. He says sneakily "If you want to choose leader, among the evils, choose the least evil

I did went to the Student Representative Council Annual Grand Meeting 10/11. It's not to hear about their report on what they do...what the benifits they manage given back to student or universitiy...the solutions on handling social prob's or complains from students...obviously, I don't really care how they use money for students, yeah talk about financial statement....feel like forever...

My intentions is to hear what are the questions given from the students regarding their report. It quite interesting to see some students give questions based on the technical and out-side of the box.

My favorite one is about the OKU student in IIUM regarding their welfare status. It seems that from the report there isn't anything about them. Woo...welfare that night was on red alert.

The best opinion (thumb up) from students was from a sister (cheekily smile) saying that the obvious reason brothers shouldn't comes to sister sport complex is to protect the aurat and obligation of Muslim women. It seem that the right was easily mistook by the person in charge of sport comittees. Lucky you to debate with 'my favorite arabic debate sister' mentioned above. 

Well, I concluded. Regardless, the weakness of community/representative/whose side....for the right of individuality, I believe strongly a small step by taking voting is a big responsibility. Who would know later generation might get the best result because of our strong voting for what we all believe. Yes, I'm not a pro-M or aspirasi (parties in IIUM). I'm a person in the side of pro-Shariah. Therefore, I'll vote for what I stand.