Once an amiichan, now who am I?

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19 February 2011

I'm yours

"I'm yours" is...
Beautiful to hear,
Beautiful to see,
Beautiful to hold,
Just too sweet.

Will it be mine forever
Yes, everytime I say
Yes, whenever I open my eyes
and I always keep holding on 

It was hard...
It was hard to keep on continue
While I was just to short to live
and uncomparable 
I wasn't perfect enough
I wasn't that good
so...it was a moment only

"You always there"
"You always here"
"You always near"
"You always the reason I live, breath and died for"

(^_^Smile always
Thank you very much for everything
It is true, I'm indebted.
My core worry is can I repay you back as big what you give to me?
Your greatness
Your loveness
"Oh,my Lord the Almighty"