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06 May 2011

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It's my style of sweet talk. I guess I've been developed it recently, take is a coincidence. *Grin*

For my sisterhood (Akhawat-IKRAM IPT Gombak, IIUM)

To all my little ~dongseng~ fighter/mujahidah 

"You guys are our (unnie) big heart a.k.a buah jantung...."

I add a little bit, ~dongseng-ah

"Don't be afraid to close your eyes in the world we'll always together. Unnie's might not always be with you but I know you guys can find us. It just need a little bit courage to head up for us. We also craving your loves to ask for help. I believe as a small voice among the seniors here, we never had any intention to lay a madness hand nor scold for no reason. We pray sincerely for God to spread His wing (blessing) looking out for you and those cheeky smile upon you is the meant"  

A song for you

"Smile an everlasting smile,

you guys smile make our days together sweet creamy-puffy cake

....and the cheery on top is being cheerful forever among ourselves"

I'm a good daughter, is my choice and I'm doing it

I pity them who has bad term with their parent especially the boss/head of family - father - Dad. I can't help it to have this kind of feeling to them. Anyway, I'm grateful for His blessing for giving me a father. 

Thank you ~Abi~

One of my moments with him. Question and answer. 

My dad asked, "What do you think about Osama bin Laden death?" After some thinking, I replied him little late. I don't know whether he died or not, for sure him as extremist figure of movement. It creates another tension for extremist next reaction. I'm worry about our Muslim Countries as 'the next victim of US'...poverty, death polls, oil prices, obviously will increase...the so-called-proclaimed hero... seriously~

You can says I'm pessimist, not appreciate the peace gained...but there're no total peace without Islam at the end. If I says this to my lecturer Sir Ishtiaaq "What nonsenses are you saying?" Don't get me wrong about him. It just I don't tell by facts. I'm very bad about this...emotional attachment (>_<)v 

This comes out from my understanding, what my dad taught me in my early study in political science. It's not the exact words, well...

One of lame jokes pop up in my mind. I asked "What is liberal means?" Answer. "When the fish wants to eat the eagle and the bird want to fly upside-down" (What?) Next question, so what is neoliberalism? When the bird wants to live under water and the fish wants to fly. Strange right? Hoho...(^o^)

My friend replied this and she had a hard time to understand. Yeah, a bit nonsense but I like it.

My latest version on posting,

"I looked at the window as the night swallowed in darkness, nothing to see outside only the reflection of yourself...thought there is a slight of blurry lamp on road. I guess today's daylight might get a glimpse of His blessing. Let's pray together (Qiam) :D"

That all for now, my two weeks holiday written in my social networking. 
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