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12 March 2011

Look at that crazy fan

In my hostel TV Room, middle of night - morning - doing my works - listen to music

I came a cross...

A Crazy fan,
Muhahaha...for the past-few days...
In the big tv room
They will shout, laughter and clapping 
Making the room 'noisy-fun-lively
So, these are crazy fans
Most likely the shows about celebrity, entertainment, sport, etc

A crazy fan
Shouting alone-in front of the tv, by her self
It was a heptic scene here in tv room
Everyone else around was concentrated-quite-used 
Laptop, wireless, doing their own works
Laughing and clapping...so, amused & funny while looking at her
We only smile and chuckle behind-beside her

A crazy fan
Switch the channel watching movies
We'll shout together whenever horror or gross scene pop up
There will be someone who turn back from direct contact
With their hand try to close eyes but scrothing to watch between fingers

A crazy fan
Playing around, keep on searching 
Oh, sport for tonight!
Malaysian Badminton's player is on the game
Vs. Singapore, who will win? Try guessing.
Everyone when clapping when they win
Everyone saying 'Ahhh....no...' if it is not.

This is how I spend here in TV room
Sometimes I feel annoyed but I choose to ignore & play around
Thank you very much for reading \(^_^)/
Focus doing my work now. 
Finish touch for my observation, reported on 00:01:42, 12/03/2011