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15 May 2009

That's all for now. ERAT'09

-->Truthfully, I'm very lazy to update my blog [arghh!! Agaknye bila lh nk hbs post ERAT ni]

[Lupa lak...memg best ler kalo dgr. Slot: Antara Cinta & Cita-Cita.]
Nmpknye, mederator Mentor Rehan sg bijak berbhs. Hehe...Ok! Then, our next petang activity (^_^)v

[Activity: Protege pulling out all their workout to make the Yummy Donut]

[Biasalah....end wat donut, kenelah PROMOTE. Ok. "Ini donut buatan..."]

[These donuts made by protege sisters....nmpk sedap kan~ Pass ni leh join BM,hehehe...]

[Ceritera Ruhiah bersama Dr.Zulfakar dari UIA, Gombak dan Dr.Harlina dari HUKM, KL. Oppss...sori pic Dr.Zulfakar mostly blurry. Sory for the technical probs]

[Sesj nk mencapapkan muka PM hehehe...bg cenderamata kpd Dr.Harlina. Tq bebyk Dr.Har]

[Last bermakan di ERAT, semoga adik2 protege kenyang mkn yg disediakan. Lain kali basuh pinggan & cawan yg telah digunakan ya (^_^*

[Our ERAT's Career Session with certain jobcopes were prepared for protege becoming student to-be in IPTA. E.g Engineering, Medicine, Education, Counselor, Mathematician, Human Science, etc. Another is the University Session, hearing from facilitators from different university and talk about the university that protege would like to hear. Like UITM, UIA G & K, UNISEL, UNITEN, INTEC, Pra-U like Matric UIA, PASUM, Matric KPM, DQ, etc]

[Lastly, GoodBye ceremony with ala2 KBM with Abg Bai...]

Thank you very much to all the protege participated to this wonderful program. Hope to see your success in university. Don't ever2 give up to get your dreams. Hold on, give all out & always pray. He who Most Merciful heard every whispers & wishes of His creations. Do contact us, ok? See you around.To all the mentors, arigatogazaimas. Work hard more for more successful future. Gambate kuda sait!!! -k.aMiNah-