Once an amiichan, now who am I?

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28 May 2009

May 4JJ1 bless U Grandpa

When God loves us, He gives more than what we could imagine.
He send the greatest rahmat,
At the same time
He send the deepest pain.

To teach us to be an appreciate insan
To teach us to be thoughful person
To teach us to be en excellent 'abid
Such obvious...
Shows the real meaning of life;
A wise man will remember death.

Last tuesday, 26 June 09
2nd Jamadil akhir 1430 Hijrah
and like previous year
on the same day....but different date [Masihi & Hijrah]
Both of the creations had taken back to the real owner of this world.
The lives that He gives as a borrow to these both man
They had returned back to Him.
I believe they had perform in everything that they do
only do it just for Him.
For every part fo the lives by performing ibadah to Him.

It is a remind for us the living one;
We will get the reward if we do what He said.
We will get the punishment if we disobey what He said.
At the end of the road
Only left for us between the Jannah or Hell Fire.
So, which one we should choose??

>>Every mankind will sad once their loves one died that includes my family.
>>That last Tuesday, my grandpa returns back to his owner [4JJ1]
>>It was devastating for the whole family for the loss as he was a great person and always courage the young to be kind & success in life.
>>All his family will always remember him & the memory holds in our heart.
>>That day with same feeling....show to me
>>Both of my grandpa had left me behind and my family.
>>May 4JJ1 bless your soul with peace & harmony.
>>You will go now and...later I'll go also [Hmm~]

-Let's fight for milky way of da'wah-