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04 June 2009

Happy Growing

MySpace Seeing my chibi-kun growing up [lil & small bro] remembering my own self during childhood.
Happy...naughty...energetic...won't listen to his Big Sis
Even though I get angry easily, voice-up everytime my mouth on... [which is me]
But he very much respect & love me more~
Always keep calling my name 'Along' 3x
Most of his time, playing his small toy & imaginated that he is the main hero...at the same time he would watch his favorite Pooh & Friends vcd's, Barney Show, etc.
Without any notice, he likely likes to speak in english...imitating what he learned by himself from every show he watch.
It still a wonder to me that my chibi-kun didn't need any help if himself have the interest to understand. He just speak out of his mind...say whatever that he think suit for him.
He also like to watch television just like me...especially the cartoon. No matter what we both think, cartoon is the best place to learn something. From the values to the language.
MySpace Hahaha...
>>And also to this a friend of mine.
>>A very good comrade just like N.A.N.M.A
>>Well, we didn't very much know each other but the fikrah leads our relationship to be bond strongly.
MySpace How do I say this? Good person with a big heart.
I hope you will grow more as incrediable Muslim.
I'm trying to know about the new hope for this special event which is today [Birthday]
but -zip-no-talking-
>>Seeing this friend will be a great leader in future
>> hope the world that you wanted is always there for everyone.
>>Look up to the sky that I believe you will successfull in your studies & your mission as 'abid on earth.
Whatever do you want, I hope 4JJ1 will grant you the best.
"Pray for the wishes that really needed for you not because of your desires. Coz sometimes desires comes from you nafs. The needed ones are what suit for you now & the best desires is what you will get is in reward at the end. Ask for this, the true reward which full of His rahmat to you. Insya4JJ1 upon you the greatest success in life & hereafter"
MySpace Happy Birthday dear friend on this 4th June 09
Happy Old day of your 21st Besday
>>You are now officially older than me by month.
Chaiyok! Gambatene! Bittaufiq ma'an Najah!MySpace
Don't forget the 3 promises, ok! C ya later at UIA.
p/s: Sorry no gift. Next time, I'll buy you some fruit.k.
-Let's fight for milky way of da'wah-