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25 May 2009

My friend N.A.N.M.A

Special dedication to my friend that I shortcut her name as N.A.N.M.A MySpace
We been a good friend since school time, stuck together at matriculation
End up...at the same university
We been though a lot together, I like to annoyed her with my speech
That was my best part that I could give by reminding her that
I'll always there for her MySpace
Even though, we can be far away [we live at different college] busy with our daily life activities
I'll dail up her number or just give a short sms which by the way
I try to do my very best as her friend, saying that:
Not to give up about yourself
Perlu ke??
You might prove enough or maybe you need more than what you give now
Then you will succeed
Don't worry to much on the problems you had especially talk about money [Argh!]
She's sometimes can't handle her stress...you know
Dizziness, headache...bad mood MySpace
She can't even let her self to be distracted and I know she really needs one.
She needs to take a break.
The work will be done sooner or later anyway Nanma.
Weekend? Do something else. There's a lot of fun things that you were once and always like...
Playing games with your buddies.
Go! Enjoy the games. Don't even you DARE to think about it during the play. MySpace
Distress yourself from pain of your back head.
You needs more than oksigen. Means more air/space to breath for more excitement in life.
Allows the work to be enjoyable....
Plays more so you can be happy in order to finish the jobs.
Well, done N.A.N.M.A!!!
I know you can do it.
And thank you for letting me to help you.
Sorry about the harsh words when I'm smsing you. MySpace
Truthfully if I can I wanna punch you... [Geramnye]
Believe this:
-->He who always with those who holds patience which then He gives on His rahmat for you to handle the situation. So, patience is a part of Iman. Don't you want the reward?
You see N.A.N.M.A,
I'm not here to hear the problems but I'm here to lend my ears to help you by solving it.
And I'm not the one who solving it. The decision is in your hands.
You're the only person had the answer which 4JJ1 grants it for you. That its the best solution.
Just take a step one after the other.
I know the feeling of the hardship of our jobs.
Cause we are at the same road, taking us forward for better future.
Especially for our dear K.
Let's us be the new voice for tomorrow plan.
If you fell, I'm also feel the same hurt.
Don't worry we will be back on the same track
Stand up high to the sky
Fighting to get His Jannah & Mardhatillah
Holds so much to our Heart "We're an educated Da'ie"MySpace
Together we seek to prove it entirely. Insya4JJ1.
Chaiyok! Go, go, go~MySpace
*P/S: N.A.N.M.A...hopes you understand :d
-Let's fight for milky way of da'wah-