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08 June 2009

Wedding of the Year

6th June 2009
our Naqibah Khadijah Riza Atiq
is an officially a legal wife to Bro.Syuhaib Ithnin
But, first allow me to tell you a small story about both of them

How do I know them??
I met Kak Dija [The Bride] & Syuhaib [The Groom] from a wonderful program that I participated when I was in 2nd Year 1 sem
Where?? At the IMPAC [The Inaugural Muslim-preneur Camp. Sorry if it's wrong. Don't remember ahh hahahaha...........]
Well, Syuhaib was the Project Manager while Kak Dija was the Financial-Controller.
Me?? Hehe, the cuet Secretary [My first experience being one]

Both of them treat me as their little sister & I will always look up to them if I have a problems...
Then, Kak Dija become our Naqibah
.......after a quite somtimes
Tup2...both of them married to each other.

Wah! [Suprisingly.Ngee~]
We as Kak Dija little sisters, some of us stayed at her home
& others at K.Rehan's home.
We helps her preparing the final touch for her wedding preparation.
We were very much thankful to her parent allowed us staying there [hehehe...]
At Bandar Seri Putra,
but the akad was placed at Masjid Universiti, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and the Kenduri at the Dewan Gemilang, UKM
>>Bridemaid: Kak Lina
>>Photographers: Kak Mashi, K.Rehan, K.Rina & Me.
>>Technical Supports: Nik, Syema', K.Mun & Fe'ah MK [Invisible]

Hehe, my ex-PM now becomes our Big Bro [to:Usrah]

After this, boleh ler belanja ktorg semua makan. Haha~

Thank you for taking our dear Kak Dija as your faithful wife & trusty life partner.

"As man take oath to each other upon the rahmat He sends love & friendship forever. You take hands from one another and vows under the Almighty power, now you'll be legal as husband & wife. From the sunnah of the Prophet, both of you had to perform as the new generation which create the world as one & one for Him. May 4JJ1 bless you always & leads much better life now and hereafter. "

------------> "Until
Death do Us apart??"


"We will be together
now, hereafter
stay at Jannah forever.

Insya4JJ1. Ameen" ------------>

[K.Lina, K.Mun, K.Mashi, Me, Groom & Bride, K.Rina, Syema', Nik and K.Rehan]
-Let's fight for milky way of da'wah-