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30 June 2009

Holidays In [chap 1]

Assalamu'alaikum w.b.t,
Long time no hear from me after the wedding of Kak Dija
Kinda to lazy to write anymore,
I went down of the Holiday's In as it's too much to say
Even thou I'm staying at home & having easily internet access
Very lazy...& enjoying just watching Korean Show, TV & hanging out with my family...
And obviously sleeping all the time
First chapter
I went for my driving courses,
Practicing with the least favor of my activity of life which is driving
Personally I'm more towards as viewer-part-car-person rather than a driver-person that drives...still, I had to go. This is my main mission of my holiday any way!
10 hours practices = 5x times = At 9.00am >> Went to practice at PLMI at Tampoi
Huiyo! Done. Finally, no more practicing at the parking & road.
But then, a week study++ with my [...???] not-so-much-legal-as I'm still L at Dream Golden Garden
About this adventure...there's bad & good side of the stories
>> I hit my dad's car front badly during u-turn
>> I had a hard time changing the gear from 3 to 2...
>> Always mistaken changing gear 2 to gear 4 at the corner...
>> I don't look car left-right
>> ...just to many of them [haih~]
But, the most important of the good sides is

"At the end of a learning from the driving lesson at the PLMI & extra-studies...
is my dad was confident with my driving & he believes that I can pass the test"

The moral of the driving part is....I did it.
I pass the JPJ test [18/6..10.30 am]
Thank you to all my road teachers, the parking instructor, the PLMI, my dad [mostly], my family in every kind of their support which helping me to go through it.